Old Is Gold – Atkinsons’s Legendary Collection


Atkinsons updated 3 of their fabulous neo-vintage fragrances. Love in Idleness, The Excelsior Bouquet and Amber Empire are three highly distinctive fragrances that were created in Atkinsons’ roaring inter-war years. They have now been reinvented, and, dare we say, lovingly improved, for modern-day noses.


The Excelsior Bouquet (1919)

The Excelsior Bouquet is not merely a fragrance, it is the sensation of freedom and of immense open skies.

For modern-day adventurers who wear The Excelsior Bouquet, not even the sky’s the limit. This most intrepid of fragrances captures the exhilaration, the danger and the heroism of history’s first-ever nonstop flight over the Atlantic, accomplished in June 1919 by Englishmen John William Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown.

With its high-spirited blend of flint, sage and spices, the Excelsior Bouquet is a captivating olfactory journey. It is the experience of chilled air on metal, the heat of the cockpit, the leathery scent of aviator jackets and the rush of adrenaline as the airplane slowly climbs up and up.

Unisex Eau de Toilette – Natural Spray 100 ml, 218 SGD


Love in Idleness (1922)
I Put A Spell on You

A neo-Victorian love philter for those who believe in the magic of fragrance.


The ethereal innocence of the violet flower, touched by Cupid’s arrow, and transformed into a spell-bindingly sensual love potion.

Out of Shakespeare’s love elixir, Atkinsons has conjured a shimmering, powdery violet cloud of a fragrance. As gorgeous and indolent as a midsummer night’s dream, Love in Idleness is the fragrance of love at first sight– a perfumed tryst between an intensely feminine orris-violet accord and a seductive woody chypre dry down.

Female Eau de Toilette – Natural Spray 100 ml, 218 SGD


Amber Empire (1927)
Extreme Orientalism

An extremely Oriental fragrance which transports you on an utterly sensual voyage into the languorous, enigmatic reaches of the Far East.

It all began with a Chinese snuffbox, an exquisite Asian Art Deco objet d’art that fired up Atkinsons’ imagination. Amber Empire became one of the first Oriental fragrances introduced to the Western world in 1927. In its day, it was a fascinatingly foreign perfume, “as mysterious and refined as the ageless East”. But 21st-century Amber Empire is not so much exotic as cosmopolitan, contemporary and devilishly sensual. Carved from a precious amber accord that is captured in slowly rising drifts of oolong tea, earthy and rich, Amber Empire is a moody, atmospheric perfume, vaporous and lingering.

Female Eau de Toilette – Natural Spray 100 ml, 218 SGD


Editor’s Pick: Our favorite has got to be the The Excelsior Bouquet (1919). It has a rebellious appeal to the spicy scent. Yet, the end notes are pleasing and lasts throughout the day.

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