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S$169 in white at
S$169 in white –

The Metropolitant Team was super excited with the launch of the Redmi 2. When we were given a review unit, we were pleasantly surprised with the finishing of the phone. It didn’t feel as plastic as before and the matte finish feels really good and it fits great in one hand. (a good change from using the huge iPhone6 and Samsung Note series)


The Redmi 2 is light (133g) and the fingerprint and grease-resistant back cover is a winner. After using the phone for 3weeks without an external phone cover, it was still relatively clean and scratch free.


I love the 4G Dual-SIM Support. Imagine you have one plan for cellular data only and another for calls, you can easily switch between the 2 while messaging or when you need to send a data file. Superb. And both both micro-SIM card slots on the Redmi 2 support 4G!

Redmi_2 Summary

Let’s look at how the Redmi 2 performs when it comes to the various task below:

Photography – The camera is way better Redmi 1S. The Redmi 2 has the best camera in this price region. Even in low light situation, the picture was clear and pretty sharp.


Gaming: Don’t expect this phone to be a lean, mean gaming device. While playing games like Brave Frontier, its smooth. But if you have too many apps in the background and graphics intensive games, you will experience some lag. But, for $169, this is a steal.

Display: Sharper and brighter than the Redmi 1S

Memory: Rumored to be able to go up to 64 with an additional memory card. (Google and people will tell you how)


If you are looking for a phone below SGD$200, for your kids, or elderly, get this phone. We bought a total of 6 phones for our interns and partners. This has got to be the best phone in this price category!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.06.21 am

Nope, this is not a paid review. And yes, we bought 6 Redmi 2 for the office! Mi Community has been launched in Singapore offering fans to interact with each other and Xiaomi.


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