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Exquisite dishes, delicious cocktail and a nice ambience? Check out Rabbit Stash on the rooftop of WANGZ Hotel. Born in the year of the rabbit (which explains his choice of restaurant name), Chef Matthew is a master degree holder in building construction management, he eventually took a leap of faith and switched to a culinary career that saw him achieve respectable accolades. Chef Matthew kept his training local within At-Sunrise Global Chef Academy without any overseas apprenticeship.


Rabbit Stash Cuisine


A combination of classic French techniques along with a touch of Asian and Singaporean flavors, Chef Matthew creates seasonal menus inspired by the 7 characteristics of ‘ENSOPHI’: Exotic, Nostalgia, Soil, Ocean, Pristine, Heritage, Impression. Each element represents a poetic and artistic expression of his dish.

Exotic – mango fromage blanc, snow wine pear, green pear


  • Exotic – It is near impossible to try every flavour in a lifetime but Chef Matthew attempts to create unique flavour pairings with simple and exotic ingredients from around the world. This makes his cooking more exciting; not knowing what could be the next revolutionary flavour. It may sound unthinkable but green curry ice cream goes astonishingly well with mango mascarpone.
Nostalgia - lobster broth, purple crab, handmade noodles, black roe
Nostalgia – lobster broth, purple crab, handmade noodles, black roe
  • Nostalgia – There will be beautiful flavours, new and old that one has tasted at some point in their life, etched deeply in memory. Chef Matthew seeks to fulfill his customers’ fond food memories by reconnecting them with his dishes. It is very much like a dopamine reward system when a food craving is satisfied.
Soil - asparagus, beurre noisette, beetroot "mushroom", olive crumbs
Soil – asparagus, beurre noisette, beetroot “mushroom”, olive crumbs
  • Soil – The uniqueness of each soil connects differently to the greatness of our land. Chef Matthew gains inspiration from what our soil has to offer. It allows him to select the best of the season and marry earthy flavours with protein from grazing land animals.
Ocean – scallop, black ‘coral’, smoked trout, shrimp & chips
  • Ocean – The ocean calms the soul, opens the mind, and fuels the passion. Inspired by the extraordinary beauty and abundant offering of the ocean, Chef Matthew spruces his menus with oceanic greens and algae, from sea lettuce to stone moss.
Pristine – langoustine, cabbage dashi, 1st born egg, brown rice
  • Pristine – The goodness of artisanal produce is best savoured at its purest form without alteration or addition to the intrinsic flavour. Chef Matthew keeps his dishes pristine by sourcing fresh local organic ingredients daily.
Heritage – beef jowl, port-soy, barley porridge, red date


  • Heritage – It is true that heritage carries a familiar taste from our roots. Chef Matthew recreates food that he grew up eating or is cooked by his grandparents, mother and aunts. Brought up in a Peranakan family, he saw familiar ingredients done in a different way. Expect a facelift on fish head curry, a kuey salat makeover or a reinvention of Nonya assam prawns in his dishes!
Impression – berkshire pig, granny smith, potato ‘mud’, watermelon


  • Impression – Life is like a canvass imprinted with impressions of people, scenarios, places, animals, seasons, flora and fauna. Every impression has several characteristics that co-exist and co-relate with personal life experiences. Chef Matthew’s creations are based on his impressions of the food, people and culture from his travels abroad.

Enough about the exquisite cuisine Rabbit Stash offers, time to head on down and check it out yourself!


WANGZ Hotel, 231 Outram Road, Level “R”, Singapore 169040
Tel: 98588607

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