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Week 2 down and a new box opens for business.


Again, this week isn’t purely on Soylent but I believe this is how the creator of Soylent wanted its product to help his customers. Saving time and money preparing food for most of our meals so we have more of both to eat and socialise with our friends and family.

I’m now 71.9kg. I’m 1.73m so my BMI is about 24 currently. I’ve always wanted to hover close to the overweight BMI of 25 as I’m a big fan of muscle mass. I’ve been underweight from my childhood to my early teens and hate being scrawny. Bulking up happened fervently in my university days and I tipped the scale at 76kg at my heaviest.

On Soylent, I think I’m losing mostly water weight and some muscle mass as the Soylent protein proportion does not support my muscle mass requirements. Nonetheless, I’ll be aiming soon to head back to the gym to bulk with supplements of protein powders on top of Soylent.

The breakdown of my meals for the week is as shown below. 3 packets were used in the 2nd week this time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with each 2000ml lasting for 2 days.

Breakfast – 500ml of Soylent
Lunch – Korean Instant Noodles
Afternoon Snack – 500ml of Soylent
Dinner – Cantonese restaurant food

Breakfast – 500ml of Soylent
Lunch – Lunch at the MINI Limited Edition by NESCAFE Dolce Gusto launch event
Afternoon Snack – 500ml of Soylent
Dinner – Western restaurant food

Breakfast – 500ml of Soylent
Lunch – 500ml of Soylent
Dinner – Bee Hoon Soup
Supper – Masala Thosai

Breakfast – 500ml of Soylent
Brunch – 250ml of Soylent
Lunch – Fish Soup
Afternoon Snack – 250ml of Soylent
Dinner – French restaurant food

Breakfast – 300ml of Soylent
Lunch – 700ml of Soylent
Dinner – Chinese Steamboat Buffet
Supper – Alcohol from Hibiki Whiskey to Champagne!

Breakfast – 500ml of Soylent
Lunch – 500ml of Soylent
Dinner – Tze Char

Sunday (Non-Soylent Day)
Lunch – Teochew Porridge with Curry Fish Head
Dinner – Masala Thosai
Supper – A cup of Dolce Gusto coffee

I think calorie counting is THE way to lose weight. Soylent helps to make sure you’ll get your nutrients as well.

Just to show some comparison, 500kcal is 1/4 of each packet of Soylent (1 serving out of 4 servings). At Mcdonalds, 488kcal is one McDouble, a cup of corn and 1 bottle of Dasani Mineral Water. You’ll be getting more nutrition and feeling more satiated from drinking Soylent definitely.


Stay tuned for Week 3!

Reviewed by Jason “Tao Ni” Chew













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