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The highly acclaimed Diamond Kitchen has finally opened its second outlet on the west side of Singapore and is set to impress diners with its diverse variety of quality seafood dishes at affordable prices. Following the success of its pioneer Marine Parade outlet which attracted a large fan base, Metropolitant believes that this second outlet will follow in its good reputation.
Located in the heart of the Science Park I, this location was definitely not easy to find. However, with ample parking spaces and free parking after 7pm, this is definitely an attraction for locals who wish to leave the hustle and bustle of overcrowded shopping malls and restaurants. The 260-seater restaurant with 2 VIP rooms allows sufficient space for diners to enjoy their dinner.
Over and above its regular menu, Diamond Kitchen has launched a promotional set menu of its seafood signatures at a fraction of their ala carte price. The Diamond Seafood Signatures set menu showcases Diamond Kitchen’s expertise in seafood dishes using five different treasures from the sea, from Australian abalone, Scottish bamboo clams, premium local lobsters, the iconic Diamond Gan Xiang Crab and the Giant Grouper – a seafood delicacy which few seafood restaurants are prepared to take up the challenge to serve due to its difficulty in preparation.


Metropolitant was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to savour the newly launched set menu and we highly recommend every single seafood course served. However, we pay special attention to these four dishes which turns out to be our favourite amongst them.

1. Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam
Scottish Bamboo clam, glass noodles, enoki mushrooms, water chestnuts topped with Hong Kong steamed sauce and crispy fried garlic.
Impressive at first sight, the bamboo clams were steamed precisely with the utmost care to retain its delicate texture and prevent over-cooking. They are then doused in a home-made Hong Kong sauce and garnished generously with crispy fried garlic for that garlicky goodness. The clams were succulent, fresh and not rubbery, a sign that the steaming process was done perfectly. The water chestnuts and fried garlic gave the dish a good crunch and bite, a contrast in texture to the bamboo clam.

2. Hong Kong Steamed Giant Grouper
Steamed giant grouper belly, Hong Kong steamed sauce brewed with top grade soya sauce.
It was Metropolitant’s first time trying Giant Grouper and it was mentioned that for different parts of the fish, different cooking methods need to be adopted to render its full flavour. The giant grouper meat is prized for its exceptionally thick, gelatinous and collagen rich skin. The meat was flaky and the grouper skin was akin to a soft candy gummy – chewy and easy to digest.

3. Lobster Porridge
Steamed local lobsters, “pao fan”, chicken stock, Chinese wine, ginger
A favourite dish of ours is the Lobster Porridge! Steamed local lobsters are halved and added to a pot of rice simmered in chicken stock spiked with Chinese wine and sliced ginger. The broth was rich, thick and comforting. However, this dish is not available on their regular menu so we are keeping this as an open secret that is cooked upon request.

4. Diamond Gan Xiang Crab
Sri Lankan crab wok-fried with spices
Any and every seafood feast will not be complete without a large helping of crab. Only the most large Sri Lankan crabs are wok-fried with ambrosial spices to produce an impressive and mouth-watering dish. A group of four to six persons will be served one crab (ours was a good 1.4kg). The meat retained its flavour and the spices were adequately infused within. A warning that the spiciness of the sauce was mouth numbing. Remember to indicate to the server if you want less heat in the dish if you are not accustomed to such spiciness.

Diamond Kitchen
87 Science Park Drive, #01-01 Oasis, Singapore 118260
Tel No.: 6464 0410
Operating Hours: 11.00am – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – 10.30pm daily


Reviewed by Michelle Tan








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