G.H.MUMM’s New Collection Du Chef De Caves

New Year? Weddings? Pop a champagne and clink those flutes, there is a celebratory feeling when that happens. Champagnes has a reputation of it being a celebratory drink, much of this is fueled by podium finishers at the Formula 1 races, where the winners will pop magnum bottles of champagnes to celebrate wins.

G.H.MUMM Cellar Master Didier Mariotti

G.H.MUMM Cellar Master, Didier Marrioti explains that, as with the way to appreciate wine, we can do the same with champagnes – as by definition it is also a wine.

The most common way of drinking a champagne is to drink it as you are celebrating an occasion, but a less common way, is to actually taste the champagne, where you want to discover the complexity of the wine – its flavor, its structure and the palate.

Gaurav Sabharwal and Didier Mariotti

Sharing more about vintages, Didier Marrioti said, “old vintages are a fantastic world, maybe at the beginning it can be difficult to understand. Most of the time, when you drink champagne, you see champagne just for the bubbles, for celebration, for the party. I hope you’ll never drink old vintages in the club at five in the morning.”

He adds that, “its a fantastic world because the wine are very different, the flavours are quite unusual – if you just taste or drink non-vintage. You get very different flavours, very complex, thanks to the long aging process in the cellar. And for me its a beautiful trip to the history of the house, and history in general.”

Dont you just want to open a bottle of vintage champagne now, to sip idly by and slow the pace down, and to just simply… enjoy?

* G.H.MUMM has released the new Collection du Chef de Caves, a series of exceptional vintages of 1985, 1990 and 1996. Only 150 magnum sets are available in the world – with only three bottles available at, The White Rabbit, Sky on 57 and Gunthers.

G.H.MUMM Ambassador Blandine Cochard

Didier Marrioti explains, “The Collection du Chef de Caves demonstrates the consistency and ageing potential of the
G.H.MUMM Cordon Rouge Millésime. The extraordinary quality of each of the vintages found within the collection is a testament to the excellent reputation that G.H.MUMM has built over the years. It also showcases the power and richness of the Pinot Noir, which is the historical grape of the MUMM signature style.”

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