Pockets Of Love 2015 At Royal Pavilion Restaurant

Royal Pavilion at Park Regis Singapore celebrates Mother’s Day for 2015 with seven new dim sum creations by dim sum chef, Chen Man Wing, and three Mother’s Day traditional Cantonese menus by executive chef, Kee Siau Chuang.

Created with a new twist using ingredients such as foie gras and truffle oil, Chef Man Wing creates prettily decorated dim sum fare such as Baked Chicken Pie with Black Truffle Oil and the elusive Steamed Xiao Long bao infused with foie gras will tantalize your tastebuds.

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From top to bottom: Steamed Mixed Vegetables Dumplings (S$4.80++ for three); Steamed Fresh Scallops, Asparagus and Egg White Dumplings (S$5.80++ for three); Baked Cod Puffs with Black Pepper; Steamed Fresh Crab Meat and Minced Shrimp Dumplings (S$5.80++ for three); Steamed Fresh Crab Meat and Minced Shrimp Dumplings ($5.80++ for three) Steamed Spicy Dried Shrimps, Minced Pork and Eggplant Dumplings (S$5.00++ for three);

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We especially loved the Royal Smoked Duck (S$68++ for a whole duck) and the Classic Cantonese Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat and Chinese Sausages (S$38++). The royal smoked duck was roasted to perfection and the meat was juicy and tender. The meat had a hint of spice which was used to marinate the meat before roasting.

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The claypot rice was fragrant and different from the usual type of claypot rice where dark sauce is poured iin for a sweeter flavour. The light soy sauce used to flavour rice is a special creation by Chef Kee. It complimented the slightly charred aroma of the rice very well and the waxes meat and sausage gave the dish a sweet salty flavor. This dish can be shared amongst 5-6 pax so be warned not to over order! Freshly steamed greens are also served with the rice too.

Royal Pavilion
Level 1, Park Regis Singapore 23 Merchant Road Singapore 058268
Tel: +65 6818 885
Opening hours:
Mondays to Sundays – 11:30am to 2:30pm, and 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Editorial by Michelle Tan








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