LINE x SG50 Exclusive “We Love SG50” Sticker Set


Designed to commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday, LINE announces the launch of its exclusive “We Love SG50” sticker set today. Inspired by the daily lifestyle, cultural idiosyncrasies and distinctive catchphrases of Singaporeans, this set recreates 16 different scenarios that Singaporeans from all walks of life can identify with. With these timely stickers, Singaporeans can say goodbye to lengthy text messages and replace them with a simple sticker!


As an evolving mobile life platform, it is our desire to implement localised strategies for each market so as to better connect and understand the cultural context and, ultimately, fulfill the needs of the users. In this instance, “We Love SG50” sticker set is LINE’s way of celebrating Singapore’s 50th year milestone with Singaporeans”, said Mr. Simeon Cho, General Manager of LINE Business Development Division, LINE Plus Corporation.

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LINE’s global success is attributed greatly to its rich content and user interface – its stickers, which feature original character designs, allow users to express themselves better when communicating with their loved ones and friends.


Stickers and their iconic characters have become synonymous with LINE and are at the foundation of every LINE conversation. Based on the top six LINE stickers sent in Singapore as of May 2015, Moon is Singapore’s favorite LINE Character. With his varied personalities and expressions, Moon stickers are more frequently used by Singaporeans in the course of daily conversations.


LINE’s “We Love SG50” sticker set is available for FREE to all Singaporean LINE users from 12 May 2015 and is valid to use for an unlimited time.


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