Review – A Diamond in the RAV4


Toyota has always been the Japanese trusted brand for its fuel economy and vehicle reliability. It is no wonder the RAV4 lives up to the brand. This SUV is for one who is at ease with himself about the need to balance practicalities and being unfeasible.


The face-lifted RAV4 was launched in March 2013 and boy oh boy is it ahead of itself in the design department. It’s 2015 now and it fits right into the range of SUVs currently available on the market. And on that, a market that isn’t quite cheap. So you’ll be looking for a SUV that is hopefully as future proof as possible and economical to maintain and run.


The name ìRAV4î was conceived as a vehicle name well suited for a crossover SUV in a category different from that of conventional SUVs. It is based on the first letters of the words Recreational, Active, Vehicle, and 4-wheel drive. This easy-to-remember name matches the character of the vehicle, which is active, sporty, youthful, untamed yet cosmopolitan, and stylish.


1. Stylish and visually powerful exterior design

The exterior design concept is ìSophisticated, Dynamic and Strongî. The exterior design aims to capture the essence of a SUVís ìagile and sporty characterî by refining a bold, dynamic silhouette founded on SUV functionality and aerodynamics, evoking a ìfeeling of excitement that suits the next generation of SUVsî expressed through the DNA of the RAV4.

2. Sporty exterior with spacious cabin interior

The interior design aims to offer a new SUV driving pleasure by combining a ìsporty cockpit-like driverís areaî with a ìspacious and open atmosphereî which expresses a bold body structure and yet a refined feel of the interior space. The driverís zone is clearly framed with a bold metallic accent, and a horizontal bar adds the strong, stable foundation. Soft padding is dynamically positioned in areas near passengers for a refined and luxurious impression. Clear blue interior night time illumination gives a fresh and cool impression.

3. Higher fuel efficiency than that of current SUV models

The all-new RAV4 comes equipped with a newly developed 2.0-litre, inline 4-cylinder type 3ZR-FAE dual VVT-i engine with VALVEMATIC. These state-of-the-art highly efficient, lightweight and clean emission technologies are used to achieve reduced fuel consumption, high power output, low emissions, and low vibration and noise. Mated with this new engine is Toyotaís advanced MultiDrive Sport CVT with seven-speed sequential manual mode for maximum drivability.

So the moment you get moving in the RAV4, you’ll realize that despite the larger dimensions as compared with the common saloon on the road, the RAV4 give excellent driving views from within the driver’s seat. This gives the driver’s the added confidence to make the drive easier and less worrisome, even with its large size for increase maneuverability. You’ll be cruising down the streets and negotiating the curves in this behemoth with little to no adjustment time. And the best part about the drive is when you go to the petrol kiosk and realize that you had to pay that measly sum of money for that awesome drive, it was all worth it.


I think the RAV4 is for the conscious Singaporean driver. A driver that knows that he wants to balance his wants for modern design and a sporty drive with the needs for fuel efficiency, space and safety. The RAV4 is shaping up to be that balance.

Head on down to Borneo Motors now and ask for a test drive of the RAV4!

Reviewed by Jason “Tao Ni” Chew








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