Meet Gundam’s Legendary Mechanic Designer And Exclusive Merchandise


Collectors and fans of Japanese popular culture are in for a rare treat, as organisers of Gundam Docks at Singapore shared details of the highly-anticipated overseas showcase. Kunio Okawara, Japan’s first mechanic designer who designed Mobile Suit Gundam, will be in Singapore to meet the fans on 6 June 2015, the exhibition’s first weekend. Fans will also be able to meet the seiyuus and Japanese rock band, BACK-ON on 20 June.

Meet the Legend himself – The Pioneer of Mechanic Designers
Fans will get a chance to meet mechanic designer Kunio Okawara in person. The highly-respected pioneer is Japan’s first mechanic designer, and started his career in 1972. Since then, notable works include Mobile Suit Gundam, Yatterman, The Unchallengeable Daitarn 3, Fang of the Sun Dougram, and Brave Fighter Exkiser.

Kunio Okawara will meet fans in Singapore on 6 June, during the official opening of the exhibition at Takashimaya. Fans will be able to hear more about his experience during a live talk show.

First time in Singapore – Exclusive Limited Edition Merchandise
In addition to the over 200 models of the Gundam series brought in for the exhibition, fans and collectors can check
out a series of limited edition merchandise, some of which are exclusively available only in this exhibition. With over 10 booths, the limited edition merchandise include:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.09.21 pm

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.09.28 pm

Admission to the exhibition is free, and the exhibition will open from 10am to 9.30pm daily.


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