Meet The Metropolitant(s) – Darren Ng


Meet The Metropolitant(s) – Who are the people behind the website? Revealing the people behind, and what makes them tick! Stay tuned as we reveal our contributing editors one by one!

If you are looking for someone to grate on your nerves, look no further with our fun-loving yet serious lifestyle editor, Darren. His pet phrase is “Is it so hard to ask for excellence?”

When he’s not covering food events and tasting sessions, he’s perched atop his penthouse located in Orchard, which is now HQ (it’s an inevitable invasion). He enjoys cookout sessions, hosting parties and meetings there (almost like a modern day Rapunzel), as well as making beef stew and commanding absolute adoration with his spur of the moment whip ups, and his Julia Child moments in the kitchen.


A hypnotherapist by training, he appreciates the subtlety in human behaviors and unraveling the mental patterns that drives people irate. His fascination includes interior furnishings, smart appliances/ home living, as well as real estates. He can be seen covering lifestyle/fashion events as he lives his alter Miranda Priestly ego.

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