Get Motivated With Sony’s New Smart B-Trainer

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Sony’s new Smart B-Trainer, is an all-in-one training device and application that motivates your exercise regime with its range of features, such as intelligent music playback based on heart rate monitoring, various training plans, and real time voice coaching.

The Smart B-Trainer™ comes in a neckband-style housing, and is non-slip. This sports companion is packed with six types of sensors – heart rate, acceleration, GPS, compass, gyro and barometer – and measures as well as records 11 types of running logs – heart rate, burned calories, distance, time, speed, pace, cadence, steps, stride, running route and elevation.

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There are two sets of training plans to choose from – Basic and Premium. The Basic Plan offers a range of options, enabling you to manually set running goals for the day (time, distance, burned calories, pace, etc.), or select from theme-based trainings, such as “efficient fat burning” or “to improve endurance”.

The Premium Training Plan offers a selection of training plans for a variety of levels, from walking to marathon running. Designed by professional coaches and other experts, the content is arranged in such a way that you can experience professional coaching, all from just voice instructions from the device.

In an app which will launch later this year, you will be supervised by Japanese professional running coach, Kin Tetsuhiko, who will be voice coaching you during training, warming up, and cooling down sessions. He will even share post-workout pointers, which can be checked on the app to track progress and design your next exercise regime.

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Smart B-Trainer can work in coordination with the MY ASICS Training Plan developed by ASICS, the “True Sport Performance Brand”. Training plans created in MY ASICS can be experienced in real-time on the Smart B-Trainer™, and you can store and manage your running logs.

After completing your workout, transfer your running log to the Smart B-Trainer for Running app to view the results. Easily compare your current session with past records through graphs and comparisons, assess your progress, and aim higher.

The built-in memory of 16GB stores up to approximately 3,900 songs, and the Smart B-Trainer has waterproof performance equivalent to IPX5/IPX8, so you can run without the worry of sudden rain showers.

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Available in five colors (yellow, white, blue, pink, and black), the Smart B-Trainer will be available at all Sony Stores, Sony Centers and selected Sony authorized dealers from 11 June 2015 onwards at a recommended retail price of S$399


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