Heroes Of The Storm Official Launch And SEA Championship 2015

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Heroes of the Storm has since made its official launch on 3 June and we have also recently concluded an extremely well received launch celebration cum first qualifier to our Southeast Asia Championship, which saw 100 attendees and 10 teams taking part in the tournament. In celebration of the launch of Heroes of the Storm, we gave away goodie bags of Funko Pop figurines, t-shirts and character cards to the first 50 people who showed up.

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The event was also streamed live on Twitch with our caster, Babael at the helm. We were most ecstatic to reach a peak of 7,200 concurrent viewers, of which a majority came from the United States. Hopefully, this has sparked some global attention on the small but growing scene here in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia.

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Eventually, two teams, Relics and Look a Flower emerged as the top two teams and qualified for our National Finals happening on 18 July. Teams who failed to qualify need not fear however, as they have three more chances to make it to the Nationals in our other qualifiers happening this Saturday and in July.

For more details the tournament: HERE
More photos of the event: HERE


Exciting New Event – Eternal Conflict

Following on the heels of our official launch, Blizzard has also announced an upcoming event to Heroes. Themed around the Diablo universe, Eternal Conflict will last a few months, with new Heroes, Mounts and Skins based on Diablo being released.

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Two confirmed releases for this event are a new hero – The Butcher, a character who first struck fear into the hearts of all gamers in the first Diablo, and a new battleground – the Battlefield of Eternity, The Butcher is a melee assassin whose hero trait of “Fresh Meat” allows him to increase his damage output from consuming fresh meat dropped from slain minions


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Meanwhile, the Battlefield of Eternity is a 2 lane map with an objective intent on forcing team fights. Two Immortals, one belonging to each team, will spawn in the middle of the map and battle each other. Teams who help their Immortal win the fight will be rewarded by having their Immortal push their lane.

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Videos on the Butcher and Battlefield of Eternity, please check out http://blizzard.gamespress.com/Eternal-Conflict-Early-Look-Press-Kit.

Eternal Conflict will head into public test realm (PTR) on 24 June and, releases on 30 June.



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