Win A Trip To Tour To The Yokohama Cup Noodles Museum!

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Nissin Foods (Asia) refreshes the new series of packaging for its 12 flavours of Cup Noodles, 2 new flavours were added to the current 10 local market favorites.

Girls Group

“Which is your FLAVOURite?”

Cup Noodles Girls were recruited based on their personalities and how they resonate with the brand and flavour character. Cup Noodles Girls were put through video filming and photoshooting to portray their unique character and to differentiate themselves from each other. These videos and photos will be shown in various media platforms for all to view.

Let's Vote

Join the contest now and vote for your favorite Cup Noodles Girls on Nissin Foods Singapore’s Facebook page

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The highlight of this voting campaign features a winning trip to Japan with an exclusive tour in Nissin Foods Group’s Yokohama Cup Noodles Museum. The exclusive tours are 3 lucky winners who voted only awards to in the campaign. Aside from that, other prizes stand to be won for who voted!

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Also, from June 27–28, Cup Noodles Girls will be selling Cup Noodles to consumers at push-carts which provide hot water, folk, and serviettes along WAttention Plaza at Jurong Point.

On top of that, Cup Noodles fans who have been eagerly anticipating new flavours can look forward to Nissin’s launch of the 2 new flavours—Thai Basil Chicken and Kyushu White! These first-of-its-kind innovative flavours offer a whole new kick to every bite of springy noodles seasoned in rich soup.

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Thai Basil Chicken features fiery spice with the distinct aroma of basil leaves while Kyushu White offers soothing soup with a smooth aroma of garlic oil. Add these FLAVOURites to your Cup Noodles basket today!

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