Outdoor And Casual Open Air Footwear – UNEEK


UNEEK, Open Air Footwear from KEEN, took an entirely new approach to footwear construction.

UNEEK ditched traditional machinery, glues, and conventional materials for a simple two-cord construction. Every aspect of UNEEK compliments the natural shape of the foot providing a balance of superior feel, movement, and comfort.

“Creating a shoe as unconventional as UNEEK represents our irreverent way of thinking when it comes to design and comfort – while keeping true to the hybrid versatility in our DNA,” said Rory Fuerst, Jr., KEEN Innovation Program Lead. “We wanted to create a truly new fit experience. UNEEK delivers, plus more.”

The result of more than three years of R&D, UNEEK defies traditional footwear manufacturing while bringing ultimate comfort and style that molds to your feet. The soft, free-moving, water-repellant two-cord construction provides custom happiness for your feet, while eliminating glues and the weight of additional materials. A lightweight PU midsole brings enhanced durability and a high-traction rubber outsole with razor siping provides superior grip on slick surfaces. With no welding or stitching, UNEEK effortlessly moves with your feet and feels like you’re wearing nothing but air.


KEEN products are known for their hybrid functionality and versatility, and UNEEK boldly follows suit. Perfect for exploring the trails, city hopping, hanging by the campfire, sipping lattes, or dancing to your favorite music – and everything in between – UNEEK is the shoe that does it all and comfortably.

KEEN UNEEK retails at $169 and is available at selected World of Sports stores.
For more information please visit: keenfootwear.com.

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