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The Body Shop launches its cult favorite- Tea Tree Oil, now in a bigger, limited edition 20ml bottle to celebrate The Body Shop’s 20th Anniversary.It is reportedly known that 1 bottle of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil is sold every 8 seconds! Much has been said about this blemish and bacteria fighting wonder in a bottle and I remember fondly in my younger days as an effective solution to teen acne and pimples.

The original Tea Tree Oil launched globally in 1995 and word soon spread about its skin purifying, blemish-beating effects. Now, there’s a complete line-up of Tea Tree products for blemish-prone skin, including washes, treatments, and even a BB Cream. And together, the Tea Tree range offers a complete solution for blemished skin.

Tea tree oil is well-known for its powerful anti-bacterial properties. However, it’s the quality of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil, that makes their Tea Tree products award winning. The Body Shop sources naturally purifying organic oil from the foothills of Mount Kenya from their Community Fair Trade partner, where farmers hand-harvest the leaves and steam distil them within 12 hours for the purest, most potent tea tree oil. The result is an effective formula containing organic tea tree oil to target blemishes.

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil launches its top three best-selling items in their Tea Tree Oil range in limited edition super-sized bottle.

Tea Tree

Skin Clearing Wash 400ml ($29.90)
Gel wash that deeply cleanses and purifies without drying the skin

Skin Clearing Toner 400ml ($34.90) *Only available on 11 August 2015
Toner with oil-absorbing powders. Shake to activate to remove last traces
of impurities and mattify skin.

Tea Tree Oil 20ml ($34.90)
Concentrated Tea Tree Oil to clear blemishes.


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