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As soon as I walk into Tupper & Reed and Local Edition, a strong sense of history, wonder and beauty spill through the walls. The lighting is impeccable, highlighting the interiors while keeping the character of the space. There is a sense of ease when chatting with Daniel Parks and Justin D’olier of the Future Bars team – they don’t take themselves too seriously yet are some of the most skilled and knowledgeable bartenders I know. An authentic breath of fresh air, in the sometimes too grandiose world of mixology.

“That’s why I joined the project. People are so nice and friendly in the East Bay. The space is so sexy… it’s built for people to linger. People are meant to be in the space” says Justin D’Olier, bar manager at Tupper & Reed. Only a few months old, this is the second project in the East Bay for Future Bars’ co-owner Brian Sheehy.

Rooted in history, and built in 1906, it was once a music store – a historic space in Berkley from that era. For travelers, Berkley is about a 30 minutes drive from San Francisco, where the famous university resides. The bar downstairs is a free walk in, and the upstairs bar features the full cocktail list, by reservations only. I tried the Leggo Brick ($10 USD) and was blown away by the simplicity and deliciousness. There is also the Polly Armstrong Listening Room, with an old school working gramophone.

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At Local Edition, bar manager Daniel Parks shares – “I love history, that’s what makes it interesting to me. Some of the best cocktails are based on recipes and ideas from the early 1900s…” as he makes a signature cocktail for me of the same name – Local Edition

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Another popular choice is the Barbarella. A personal favorite, served tall with crushed ice, 5 stars! It’s clear these boys love their jobs and their artistry is apparent in their customer service and cocktails. featured on below: Lieutenant Governor, Barbarella, and the Local Edition Cocktail.
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Once the location for the old printing press of the San Francisco Examiner, the space is lined with vintage typewriters, newspaper articles, and the original printing machines.

“There is an interesting mix of folks, industry workers from SF… You never know who you’re going to meet”, says Daniel. It seems people from all walks of life from the tech, financial and art sectors fill this space in the heart of downtown, at the basement of the famous Hearst Building.

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Making some of the best cocktails in San Francisco, I had to ask what are Justin & Daniel’s personal poisons?

For Mr. Parks, “My favorite drink is a margarita or a daiquiri. I find comfort in a simple, balanced drink made with quality ingredients and plenty of love”. Justin says at his time off he opts for something sustainable – “I’m usually drinking straight spirits (scotch, bourbon, tequila) at home. That said, when I do go out, you can typically find me downing cheap whiskey and diet coke at a dive bar.”

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Going to Local Edition and Tupper and Reed feels like I’ve been transported in time and place, to aProhibition Speakeasy and a Hogwarts Gothic Cathedral respectively. And now we folk can experience that history and magic, any day of the week.

Address: 2271 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94720, United States


691 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone:(415) 795-1375

Reviewed By Celebrity Columnist, Elizabeth Lazan

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Photos Courtesy of Future Bars. Extra Fun Facts – Live music!

- Local Edition: Monday – Wednesday. Salsa Saturday’s plays a variety of Latin music.
- Tupper & Reed: Wednesday and Thursday from 8 pm to midnight





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