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Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Dining IN & Palace -Fried Chilli Crab Bun

Crystal Jade Singapore has launched a series of local-inspired Xiao Long Baos. All SG50 dishes and promotions will be available to 30 September.

Chilli crab xiaolongbao 辣椒蟹小笼包 and Hainanese chicken rice xiaolongbao 海南鸡小笼包 ($7.80 for 4 pieces, 2 pieces per flavour).

Crystal Jade Kitchen - Hainanese chicken rice xiaolongbao

Chilli crab xiaolongbao consists chunks of crab meat in a punchy and spicy chilli infused broth. Hainanese chicken rendition is paired with ginger paste and is filled with tender minced chicken thigh in a flavorful yet delicate stock.

For the SG50 promotion period, a steamer basket consisting a pair each of Chilli crab xiaolongbao and Hainanese chicken rice xiaolongbao will be priced at $5 with a minimum spend of $30 on a la carte food items.

Crystal Jade Kitchen - Chilli crab xiaolongbao


Available at Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant, Crystal Jade Golden Palace & Crystal Jade Dining IN
To be launched from 1 July: Deep-fried Hokkaido milk custard, Steamed siew mai with caviar, Steamed siew mai with quail egg

To be launched from 1 August: Full bloom lotus paste & yam pastry, Fried chilli crab bun, Goldfish crystal dumpling, Chirpy chick pastry

Savour a tempting range of seven dim sum items that has been crafted specially for SG50.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Dining IN &  Palace - Steamed siew mai with caviar

The steamed siew mai with caviar 鱼子酱烧卖皇 ($9.50 for 3 pieces) – each plump minced meat ball consists generous chunks of prawn and crowned with a small mound of caviar which adds a savoury umami dimension. Laced with a luscious egg white sauce, Steamed siew mai with quail egg 鹌鹑烧卖皇 ($5.50 for 3 pieces) proffers a whole quail egg within a succulent mix of minced pork, black fungus and sweet diced chestnuts. Another savoury option is Fried chilli crab meat bun 辣椒蟹肉炸包 ($5.50 for 3 pieces) – golden deep-fried mantou enveloping a piquant chilli crab filling.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Dining IN &  Palace -Gold Fish Crystal Dumpling

Goldfish crystal dumpling 奶皇金鱼饺 ($5.50 for 3 pieces) are petite crystal dumplings with a rich salted egg yolk custard in the shape of goldfish – the attention paid to detail by the chefs can be seen from the precise outline of the fish fins. Chirpy Chick pastry 松子莲蓉鸡仔酥 ($5.50 for 3 pieces) presents adorable little chicks made with a Chinese pastry crust and lotus paste filling.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Dining IN & Palace -Chirpy Chick Pastry

Bite into crisp pillows of Deep-fried Hokkaido milk custard 凤城炸鲜奶 ($8 for 5 pieces) which features a soft and creamy centre made with Hokkaido milk contrasted with a fragrant light batter. Pretty-in-pink, Full bloom lotus paste and yam pastry 莲蓉花芋酥 ($5.50 for 3 pieces) is testament to the chefs’ culinary prowess with its fine flaky pastry encasing a smooth lotus paste with pine nuts – each piece literally blooms into a flower when fried.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Dining IN & Palace - Full Bloom Lotus Paste & Yam paste
Editor’s Pick: This is totally delish!

During the SG50 promotion period, customers will receive one complimentary new dim sum item with every order of two new dim sum.

For more information on outlet locations, please log on to www.crystaljade.com.


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