Singapore’s First Pet Specialist Clinic – Landon Veterinary Specialist

Dr Benjamin Landon

Landon Veterinary Specialist (LVS) located within the Eng Kong Garden, is not just another veterinary clinic. Appointments are by GP veterinarian’s referral only. There are no routine procedures like vaccinations, dentals or neutering.

Dr Benjamin Landon used to travel to Singapore from Australia by invitation to treat specific surgically complex cases. This proved costly for owners as they paid for flight and board, in addition to the surgical cost. Owners also lack the proper post-operation care and attention as Dr Landon had to return back to Australia. He could only leave instructions for the patients and their vets to follow through.

“In view of our patients’ welfare and the lack of proper specialized care and trained registered specialists in Singapore, we, myself and Singaporean wife Adoncia, who is also a qualified veterinary surgeon and handles the anesthesia at LVS, decided to move to Singapore to set up our own specialist-only clinic.”
– Dr Benjamin Landon

With his own clinic in Singapore, Dr Landon is more accessible to his patients and can offer continued care and support for them personally. Along with a dedicated team of fully qualified Australian-trained vets, they are able to offer exceptional treatment before, during and after procedures.

Pacemaker for Cat-Socks

Background of Dr Benjamin Landon

Dr Landon is an Australian Registered Small Animal Specialist Surgeon with a keen interest in orthopedic, soft tissue, neurologic and minimally invasive surgery. Having graduated 21 years ago, his esteemed portfolio spans from residency in Small Animal Surgery at the University of Melbourne to Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. Dr Landon balanced a full surgical caseload and lecturing duties, publishing original scientific articles during his tenure at the Universities.

Dr Landon is highly qualified and experienced, practicing as a specialist surgeon since 2009. He enjoys all aspects of surgery and is well-liked by his patients and clients for his patient and caring personality. He is a thorough clinician and well-rounded surgeon. Some of his more unusual patients include a red panda from the Melbourne Zoo with a slipped disc, and a monkey in Sydney with a broken arm.

He continues to keep updated with surgical advances, attends conferences and gives seminars to stay ahead in the industry. These are also requirements by the Australian College of Vet Scientists for a specialist surgeon to retain his or her qualifications.

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LVS as a Specialist-only Clinic
As opposed to a regular veterinary clinic, a veterinary specialist clinic differentiates itself by
1. Having a dedicated team of qualified specialists within their field.
2. Being focused on the problem.
3. Seeking to find a diagnosis in a logical and scientific manner.
4. Being supported by a trained team.
5. Maintaining superior infection control – surgeries are conducted in a sterile environment where
procedures such as dental scaling and infectious diseases are not present as these problems and cases are
not seen at a referral level.
6. Being an independent clinic dedicated to give clients an objective diagnosis and treatment(s). Vets refer
based on trust in LVS services and expertise. Clients are fully guaranteed of an objective view on their
7. Assuring clients that surgeries and procedures will not be offered unless it is to the benefit of the patient.
Even though it is primarily a surgical specialist practice, LVS makes sure the right treatments are given for the disease. Sometimes surgery may not be the answer and LVS is ready to tell its clients that. It goes by the saying, ‘A good surgeon knows when NOT to cut.’
8. Employing only Australian, American or European-registered veterinary specialists who go through an extensive and rigorous training programme with multiples tests beyond the basic veterinary degree. There are currently only 2 registered companion animal veterinary specialists in Singapore.

Future growth plans

LVS has plans to expand into other departments as it continues to attract the right specialists and candidates into Singapore. There have been enquiries from countries like Malaysia, India and Myanmar looking into how LVS can help pets within the region too. LVS is working closely with vet colleagues across the borders through tele- consulting to explore the immense potential in collaborating within Asia.

LVS holds a niche in the pet community and strives to be the go-to specialist clinic for pet owners as well as a reliable and trusted point of referral from GP vets around the region.

Landon Veterinary Specialists
41 Eng Kong Terrace
Eng Kong Park
Singapore 599013

T +65 6463 7228
F +65 6468 3501

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