Review – CreatureS, Is It Worth Your Calories?

Creatures (Credit Lewis Foo)

In the first week of its opening, CreatureS was already fully booked weeks in advance! Ever since, its been receiving quite rave reviews from every media outlet that had food tastings there, as well as from customers. An honest review is one where you pay for your own food, so we made our way down one day to put CreatureS to the test, to see if the establishment lives up to its hype!

Located just around the corner behind Swee Choon, CreatureS’ location was weird to say the least, quite unconventional especially being located along Deskar Road. However, as you approach and enter the outlet, you will immediately notice the meticulous attention to detail the owners has put in. While the lemongrass scent that fills the cafe/restaurant may be off-putting to some , but it provides a strangely welcoming feeling. (Pardon the dark pictures, we were trying to be sneaky!)

Want to know what we ordered? Here it is!

Picture 1

5 Spice Roast Pork: If its not freshly made, this would be quite a tricky dish. While it did not quite hit the spot, the skin was still crispy and the meat retained its moistness. Perhaps the dish could benefit with a little more spices for the taste to stand out, however the sauces did save the dish. The home-made chilli was amazing, not too spicy with a right balance of sourness and the rice broth with wolfberry provided an interesting spin with the roast pork.

Picture 2

Truffle fries: Who can resist truffle fries? Not much to say here, but it could do with a little more truffle oil – the generous serving of the grated cheese was great though! (When in doubt, add truffle oil)

Picture 3

Ngoh Hiang: Served two ways, this was a standout for us. Served with the same chilli sauce as the roast pork, the chilli again complements the dish. The kueh pie tee cup remained crispy which was very important, and it was not excessively oily.

Picture 4

Carbonara: We wanted a carb-based dish, so we ordered this. However, it failed to impress. The zucchini did not go well with the taste and it was too oily. Probably less olive oil and a sprinkle of grated cheese would have been better. You can skip this on your visit to CreatureS.

Picture 5

It is dessert time! Orh Nee cake (left) and Durian Cake (right) were great! If you are having both, definitely have the Orh Nee cake first as the durian will over-power the orh nee, making it bland. The durian cake was fantastic and had a nice raw0 texture to it, as the durian were not pureed and was chunky.

Picture 6

The third dessert we had was the chocolate cake. Perhaps after the richness of the durian cake, the chocolate cake did not really impress much. There was a fight with the contrast as it seemed like the the chocolate was not rich enough and was fighting against salty-sweetness of the home-made salted caramel

Verdict: Total damage to the wallet – $196 (including a bottle of white from Central Spain). There were some hits and misses, but I’ll certainly be back for more to try other dishes. The desserts are a must-have which definitely gave a wonderful ending to the meal. This is an incognito tasting, cost of the meal is paid by the reviewer.

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Reviewed by Cedric Tang


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