Review – #HHN5 Halloween Horror Nights 5 Brings On The Scares (Haunted Houses)

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Universal Studios Singapore is set to bring your scariest nightmares to life once again, with a unique touch of Singaporean flair this year. Halloween Horror Nights 5 will feature four haunted houses and three immersive scare zones, with highlights including a new chapter of True Singapore Ghost Stories inspired by horror stories on the train, an epidemic-stricken HDB block, a hell house featuring paper effigies, as well as the event’s first ever dark house.

In the scare zones, guests will be dared to walk through a hidden village with cursed villagers doomed to go through rites and prayers every day; a quarantined sector where forsaken and diseased inhabitants fight for their survival; and a zone where a meteor-like alien space probe crashes into Earth and its extra-terrestrial inhabitants take over.

Haunted Houses

The media queuing on a rainy day to get into the tunnel. Yes, every one of us looks quite freaky

Tunnel People

According to the prophecy, an apocalyptic clan called the Tunnel People thrives underground and they look forward to the next Blood Moon. They highly disapprove the presence of trespassers. If you get caught, you will suffer from excruciating consequences.

What we think: The damp walls and total darkness send shivers down my spine. Definitely not for the weak hearted. The musky smell and the sound effect makes you want to get out of the tunnel the moment you get in.

Start running when you find your neighbor chained to the bed
Start running when you find your neighbor chained to the bed

Siloso Gateway Block 50

Oh, the fun memories at Block 50. This perennial hangout place of the gang never fails at epic moments. And you’re back for a pizza get-together where everyone is looking forward to another chapter of infectious thrill.

What we think: This is our favorite haunted house this year. You can see the effort the #HHN5 team put into this haunted house. The smell of the various houses, the kitchen and decoration is superb. Makes me feel like I’m walking into my neighbor’s house and finding various body parts around the area. 


Hell House

The master of paper effigy maker invites you to his abode. Seekers of paper effigies for the hungry ghost festival are welcome to explore.


What we think: We love the concept of this haunted house. Imagine you are one of the wandering ghost entering the paper house that people burn for their ancestors, ewww creepy. And when you are inside, you can’t tell which effigy will come to life. As you venture deeper, the entire building starts to burn and you can really feel the heat as you make your way through.  This wasn’t our favorite because we were scared shitless in this haunted house.

eems like Adrian of was more interested in his camera than time travel.
Seems like Adrian of was more interested in his camera than time travel.

True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT

An underground train station built at a Malay burial site is torn asunder as a curse is fulfilled by the rise of the Blood Moon. Toyols, hantu rayas and pontianaks now stalk for victims, as the tracks lead you back in time, to the author of the curse and his murderous henchmen.


What we think: We all grew up with True Singapore Ghost Stories. This haunted house brings us back to the time when zombies and ghost infest the trains. I made a mistake of replying “yes” to a random female ghost when she ask if she was pretty. The next moment, a booming voice yelled at me. “Are you trying to pick up my girl!”. I nearly peed in my pants. With tunnel win and MRT announcement, these train cabins are as realistic as the real thing that breaks down all the time.


For more information:
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2-3, 9-11, 16-18, 23-25, 29-31 October 2015
7.30pm – 12.30am (1.30am on 10, 16-17, 23-24, 30-31 October 2015)

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