Have Eczema? Here Are 10 Things You Can Relate To


What is Eczema? Eczema is an umbrella term for most skin irritations, those suffering from eczema know how horrible it can really be. You know when you have an itch that just won’t stop? It’s like that times a million. So, telling us not to scratch doesn’t help!

Check out the symptoms below.

  • moderate to severe itching skin
  • a recurring rash (dry, red, patchy or cracked skin) which commonly it appears on the face, hands, neck, inner elbows, backs of the knees and ankles – though it can appear on any part of the body
  • skin that weeps a watery fluid
  • tough, leathery, thick skin.

Here are some situations most of my eczema buddies face!

1) You don’t realize you are scratching! (at least most of the time)



2) Bloodstained Sheets. Those nice luxurious white sheets you see in the hotel rooms? Forget those. You’ll leave blood stains everywhere you go like a serial killer.



3) We cream ourselves every single day. Moisturize, steroid creams and scar creams.


4) You find it really hard to sleep at night. (scratch.. scratch… )



5) You are used to people giving you disapproving or disgusted look when they see you scratching or the red patches on your skin.



6) Sometimes you give in and scratch the hell out of that itchy patch.



7) And you wish someone will gently scratch you like a house pet. 



8) “Stop scratching!” That annoys the hell out of us. We would stop if we could.



9) Hot showers are awesome. 

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10) We just want someone to look beyond the icky red patches on our skin and say “Aww baby, you are still beautiful/sexy/amazing/gorgeous/lovable” (ok fine, went overboard with that).




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