Ricola Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

Ricola Original Swiss Herb Candy Yellow Can

Leading Swiss herb drop brand, Ricola, is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of its best- selling Original Swiss Herb Candy, starting December 2015 in Singapore. Made of a proprietary blend of 13 Swiss herbs, the candy’s success is credited to its unaltered taste, beneficial effect and shape – truly a unique product that Ricola’s customers have come to love at first taste and a love that continues today even after 75 years.

In 1930, Emil Richterich, founded and established the company Richterich & Co., Laufen in Switzerland. He was always open to new product ideas and innovations. Driven by his passion and his extensive knowledge for herbs and their medicinal benefits, he experimented with a wide variety of herb recipes until he created the famous blend of 13 herbs containing Burnet, Cowslip, Elder, Horehound, Marshmallow, Lady’s Mantle, Mallow, Peppermint, Plantain, Sage, Speedwell, Thyme, and Yarrow. Today the recipe remains a secret.


In celebration of the candy’s Jubilee, the Original Ricola Swiss Herb Candy will be available in a commemorative golden can. Printed on the can are some of the herbs that are used in the candy’s 13 herb mixture.

The Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Original Ricola Swiss Herb Candy is priced at S$3.60 (100g) and S$5.95 (250g), and they are available at major supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies island-wide.

RICOLA Original Swiss Herb Candy 75th Anniversary Gold Drop 1

Golden Ricola Original Herb Sweepstake
One lucky winner from Singapore will win a one-of-its-kind GOLD NUGGET, valued at CHF 1,525 (estimated SGD 2,118), in the Ricola online Sweepstake. Weighing at 25 grams, the 18 carat gold nugget is forged into the shape of Original Ricola Swiss Herb Candy drop.

To qualify for this sweepstake, participants can simply visit http://www.ricolaoriginal.com from now to 30 September 2016 to test how well you know Ricola.




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