Martell AiR Gallery Features Zoe – The Art of the Alchemist


Martell AiR Gallery (MAG) is the latest activity to look forward to at your next visit to the Marina Bay area! This virtual gallery, created by cognac house Martell to celebrate its 300th anniversary in Singapore and the nation’s Golden Jubilee, is accessible through a mobile application of the same name.


Through the MAG app, Singapore’s first augmented reality contemporary art exhibition will be presented against the dramatic backdrop of the Singapore skyline. Curated by Martell’s 300th-anniversary ambassador in Singapore Kelley Cheng, the Martell AiR Gallery features the exhibition titled Zoe – The Art of the Alchemist, which showcases 15 new works by 15 local artists.


The artworks will be exhibited against iconic Singapore landmarks around the Marina Bay area and can only be experienced exclusively through the MAG app. The app can be downloaded on mobile devices, allowing the public to freely access, view and interact with the artworks on exhibition at their own leisure. MAG is the platform that serves as a permanent open-air gallery, offering an innovative and cutting-edge approach to experience and appreciate art in Singapore.


The Martell AiR Gallery is best experienced at night.

How it works:

Official Website:

Step 1: Download Martell AiR Gallery (MAG) on iTunes or Google Play Store
Step 2: Head down to the Marina Bay Area
Step 3: Open MAG to locate and get directions to theartworks
Step 4: Enjoy the artworks!


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