Metropolitant’s Fitspiration – Leroy Tan

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Fitspiration – Messages posted along with pictures of athletes to motivate and inspire you to persevere through exercise.

The Metropolitant team scour the internet and speak to folks dedicated to their craft. This new column will showcase fitness enthusiast sharing more about themselves and their favorite exercise. Stay tuned to get inspired and motivated before your next workout!

This week, we speak to 23 year old Leroy Tan.


M: Tell us more about yourself?
L: I am a freelance personal trainer, Physique competitor and a Manhunt Singapore 2015 Finalist. Previously, I was featured in iFitness Magazine and was Gymboxx Ambassador.  In my free time, I like to play the guitar and go on diving trips when I can!

M: When did you venture into fitness and personal training?
I was addicted to getting fit and healthy after enlisting into the Naval Diving Unit. It has become a part of my lifestyle where I would train every day and eat healthy.

M: What are some of your aspirations?
L: My aspirations is to share what I’ve learnt in this industry and how it has helped me blossomed in terms of discipline, perseverance and confidence. I really hope to inspire by sharing by success stories with people I meet.


M: How was your experience participating in Manhunt Singapore?
L: Well, I’m a soft spoken guy as I’m shy whenever there are camera around. Throughout the competition, I felt that I’ve greatly improved in terms of speaking up and being confident.

M: What are your fitness goals?
L: I hope to attain a better physique and step on overseas stage someday to compete with the professionals and be the best in physique.


M: Can you share with us your diet and training schedules?
Basically counting macros, counting every single thing that is going in my mouth,(IIFYM), Don’t be mistaken cause it’s not ‘If It Fits Your Mouth’, it is ‘If it Fits Your Macros’.

My training schedule consists of:

(Day #1) Back + Biceps
(Day #2) Chest + Triceps
(Day #3) Legs

Heavy Weights
Low Repetition
High intensity

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M: Can you tell us what is your favorite work out?

L: My favorite work out consists of:

Side lateral raises
Dumbell Presses
T-bar rolls

M: Thank you for taking time off for the interview!


Want to know more about Leroy? Check out his social media accounts for freelance training!
Instagram: Leroytannn
Facebook: Leroy Tan

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