Perfect Your Craft With Perrier’s Masterclass – One Night Only On 16 March 2016



Perrier ups their game as their award winning and foremost Mixologist, Laurent Greco, flies down to Singapore for a first-time-ever Perrier Masterclass sessions for Singapore Cocktail Week 2016! Laurent, Perrier’s international brand ambassador, who has been contributing to the brand’s innovative mixing strategy since 2010, will be creating a range of cocktails that are uniquely concocted for this Masterclass, entitled “24 hours with Perrier”.

Laurent has a string of prestigious awards to his name, which include The Best Bartender of the US for two consecutive years, Pernod Suze and Chevalier des cordons bleus de France. He maintains a professional network communication for bartenders through the magazine he owns, “Cocktailzone”, and is devoted to “Flair Bartending”, via his company “Flybottle”, which produces training tools for bartenders. Laurent practices his passion in mixology at his brainchild – a bar called “Mojito Lab”.

Joining an exciting line-up of events for Singapore Cocktail Week 2016, “24 hours with Perrier” with Laurent Greco delight participants with no less than four cocktails that are specially concocted to spark up different times of the day – morning, afternoon, before dinner and evening. These sparkling cocktails can serve as a perfect complementary to your meal or be savoured on its own for an unforgettable experience!

One Night Only! Perrier Masterclass with Laurent Greco
Bubble up your craft at an exclusive one night only Perrier Masterclass with Laurent, and embark on a liquid adventure, as he opens your eyes to the new Parisian bar scene, along with the latest trend in cocktail and mixology. Pick up a skill or two through live demonstrations and a step-by-step teaching process, as Laurent mixes an explosive array of exciting and original flavours, adding a special touch of Perrier. He will also be showcasing the art of mixology and innovative techniques, playing with open flame and gas.

“I am very excited for the Perrier Masterclass and I look forward to imparting some of my skills to aspiring mixologists. I trust that this session will provide the participants a special insight to the Parisian bar scene as well as pick up a range of creative mixology techniques,” said Laurent Greco.

“It is a great honour to represent Perrier and be part of the exhilarating Singapore Cocktail Week!” he added.

Details for Perrier Masterclass by Laurent Greco:
Date: 16 March 2016
Available Timings: 6.00pm to 7.30pm, or 8.00pm to 9.30pm [2 time slots]
Seating capacity: 50 participants maximum for each session
Venue: Mariko’s, 4 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089261
Pricing (inclusive of GST): $41
For 18 years and above only.


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