Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore At Boat Quay

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With over 16 pastas & 21 sauces available, one would definitely be spoilt for choice #FirstWorldProblems 😛

I always pass by their outlet along 6th avenue (beside the durian stall) since I was young (I still am), but this time, I finally got to try their food! Heh. #ChildHoodGoalsChecked

Night-time Al Fresco

Their Boat Quay outlet boasts a Panoramic View, not forgetting competitively priced drinks, even after happy hour!


All three outlets are newly renovated with a warm oak wood paneling and even a grand feature wall (9 o’clock of this photo) with limestone imported from its namesake city, the hometown of Salvatore Carecci!!


One of the more educational tasting sessions, it began off with a Match-Da-Pasta game. In that moment, everyone’s Inner-Asian kicked in as they determinedly embarked on the noble task: to name thy pasta. We we’re all winners, yay! On to the food~


Burrata Contadina ($20.50)
A fluffy & creamy cheese made from cow’s milk was accompanied with a merry of roasted vegetables/fungi and grilled rosemary oil bread. I think some vegetables were slightly underdone 🙁

Waaahhh Factor: Waaa


Tagliere Misto ($26.90)
A pretty mixed platter of Italian cold cuts, gourmet cheese and assorted vegetables preserved in extra virgin olive oil. Together with the wine pairing that night it was shiok! (Except for that blue cheese.. Eeyerr)

Waaahhh Factor: Waaah


Melanzane alla Paramigiana ($14.80)
A healthier version of lasagna. Tomato sauce provided that tanginess to contrast against the mozzarellas’ sharpness. Love them burnt ends!

Waaahhh Factor: Waaah


Crespelle Al Funghi ($20.40)
Crepes stuffed with mushrooms, onions and parmesan which are baked and then served with either a cream/tomato sauce. Cream sauce (which wasn’t too heavy) had a smooth consistency and nice creamy finish. The hearty filling had a good bite to it, the crepes however had slightly eggy aftertaste

Waaahhh Factor: Waaa


Conchiglie Mare E Monti ($21.70)
I have a sweet jaw, but I guess its only for them desserts. The white wine & tomato base made their Contemporary Pink Sauce too sweet for my liking.

Waaahhh Factor: Waa


5Ravioli Di Burrrata E Tartufo Nero ($25.90)

Freshly homemade Al-Dente goodness. Stuffed with nutty & creamy burrata cheese together with black truffle & truffle caviar (not overly pungent) was “peeweet”. Caressed in a light & creamy porcini mushrooms sauce (which wasn’t too earthy or sweet) and topped with crispy parma ham chip. Surprisingly not a heavy dish!

Waaahhh Factor: Waaah


Squid Ink Linguine Marinara ($22.90)
My personal favourite of the night. Sautéed in olive oil & garlic and finished off with white wine. It was a romance of pasta and (fresh!) seafood in each bite. Love how it was light on the palate and tummy despite looking quite heavy. Definitely a must try for seagood & aglio olio lovers!

Waaahhh Factor: Waaah


Tagliata Di Manzo Con Rucola Al Rosamarino ($36.90)
A hearty beef tenderloin charred to shiokness. Guess this is a Caucasians version of the dragons breath 😛 With its 500-calorie weigh in (not that I bother with calories), carnivores and healthy people unite!

Waaahhh Factor: Waaah


(Ole-Sokol, $21.90) Pizza Capricciosa & Mascarpone (New, $22.50)
You know how sometimes you end up having a “sad slice” due to the unequal distribution of ingredients? Soo glad there was a bit of everything in each slice. Nothing special here except for the fresh ingredients which all worked well together.

Waaahhh Factor: Waaa (For both)


Tiramisu Al Mascarpone E Caffe ($10.90)
I guess I’m old school.. The missing ladyfinger biscuits which are often soaked in a mixture of espresso rum and sugar and finished off with a layer of mascarpone cheese and a layer of custard left me brokenhearted. It lacked that contrast both texturally and flavor wise

Waaahhh Factor: Wa
Panna Cotta ($10.90)
Yes I did jiggle the dessert before consumption. Slightly more tart compared to the usual ones I’ve had. Smooth mouthfeel along with an intensely richness (not sweet), felt as if I was eating a slightly compressed vanilla cloud.. Wee!

Waaahhh Factor: Waaah

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30 Boat Quay, Singapore 049819 · 6532 6283
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77 Upper East Coast Road #01-01/02 Singapore 455218 · 6241 5560

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