Pangdemonium presents FALLING from 13 May – 5 June


How do you love someone who’s hard to love?
Pangdemonium presents a heart-wrenching look at ASD in FALLING from 13 May – 5 June.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that is reviled at worst and poorly understood at best. Pangdemonium’s FALLING tackles this taboo topic with brutal honesty, challenging its audience to immerse themselves and empathise with a family dynamic dictated by autism.

Parents Tami and Bill are doing their best to bring up two very different teenagers: petulant, mouthy Lisa and earnest, energetic Josh, who has severe autism. Daily life is a precarious series of routines, governed by Josh’s fascinations and obsessions. A visit from a relative destroys this delicate balance, prompting violent behaviour that sends shockwaves through the household.

“For our second production in our 2016 Season of Love, we wanted to examine the meaning of unconditional love. The family in FALLING is in many ways just like any other family navigating around the minefields of everyday life, but their autistic son Josh makes this family unlike most others. Because of Josh, they are faced with challenges every day which are anything but everyday. FALLING has the courage to give us a glimpse into the lives of a marginalised minority, portraying a misunderstood condition with brutal honesty, and also shining a light on unsung heroes – caregivers. This heartrending play is full of humanity, compassion, and truth, and dares to ask the question: How do you love someone who is difficult to love?”

Unflinching and unsanitised, playwright Deanna Jent writes from personal experience with her own son. The play has also been nominated for the 2012 ATCA/Steinberg New Play Award and the 2012 Kevin Kline Award for Outstanding New Play.

This play will see Fiona Lim in her professional debut, up-and-coming actor, Andrew Marko, and the powerhouse trio of Tan Kheng Hua, Neo Swee Lin and Adrian Pang.

An electrifying and enlightening family drama, FALLING examines the grinding challenges and buoyant triumphs of parental love, delving into the dark and difficult decisions they are tasked to make.

Tickets go on sale from 11 March 2016 on SISTIC.
Falling runs from 13 May to 5 June at the KC Arts Centre (20 Merbau Road) – Home of Singapore Repertory Theatre.

Falling by Deanna Jent
Venue: KC Arts Centre (20 Merbau Road) – Home of Singapore Repertory Theatre
Dates: 13 May – 5 June 2016
Times: Tue to Fri 8pm; Sat 3pm and 8pm; Sun 3pm
Prices: $30-55
Ticket purchase:

“FALLING soars, packs a powerful punch.”
– New York Post

“Audiences will fall in love with this extraordinary piece of theatre.”


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