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Souper Tang (汤师父),  has proudly opened its doors in Singapore in June 2016. Now, diners here can look forward to a sanctuary of wholesome fare in the heart of Orchard Road, within a new F&B cluster in The Centrepoint.

Souper Tang - American Ginseng Soup with Black Chicken

With a strong foundation in Chinese herbs due to the owners’ expertise in the Chinese medical hall business, Souper Tang is committed to serving nourishing fare skilfully enhanced with Chinese herbs, yet retaining delicious flavours that are pleasing on the palate – at once challenging the perception that the use of herbs can be a ‘bitter pill to swallow’.




Souper Tang - Panax Ginseng Chicken Soup

While soups feature prominently on the menu – as the name suggests – the restaurant has also taken great efforts to offer a wide array of unique dishes that will cater to all at the table such as unique seafood and meat dishes, congee, mee suah (wheat noodles) and one-dish meals.

Previously known as Taang Shifu in Malaysia, the restaurant has undergone a rebranding in 2015 with a spanking new logo and renamed as ‘Souper Tang’ in anticipation of global expansion.
Souper Tang serves 12 types of double-boiled soups that have been meticulously concocted to extract the maximum benefits out of various Chinese herbs without compromising on appealing flavours.

Souper Tang -Souper Tang Signature Soup

SOUPER TANG SIGNATURE SOUP 汤师父招牌参鸡汤 ($26.90 for two, $39.90 for four) This pot arrives at the table teeming with conpoy (dried scallop), shiitake mushrooms, American ginseng slices, ginseng root, cordyceps flower and fish maw. Whole pieces of chicken and glutinous rice wine are also added to the broth for depth of flavour. This dish also makes a grand impression at the table, and is a suitable choice at family celebrations or corporate meals.

Benefits: This soup helps to regain vitality and ‘qi’ (energy flow) while boosting vitality and concentration. It also boasts anti-ageing qualities.


Souper Tang aims to provide a complete dining experience with a wide array of hearty dishes that
incorporate nutritious ingredients. One such highlight is the Signature Souper pesto pot 活力绿叶汤锅 ($25.90 for two to three). This standout hot pot is made extra special with the brand’s in-house (and secret) pesto mix of green vegetables and other ingredients such as basil, mint, daun kesom (laksa leaf) as well as pine nuts. Suitable for vegetarians, this soup is accompanied with a basket of vegetables such as Chinese spinach, corn, enoki and eryngii mushrooms, thick beancurd skin and beancurd
sheets, tau kwa (firm tofu), a unique variety of black fungus known as “Little Cloud” and red sweet potato noodles, making it extremely healthful.

Souper Tang - Signature Souper Pesto Pot

The Home braised pork belly in rich dark sauce 茶花卤肉 ($18.90) is an irresistible creation cooked with oolong tea, angelica root, star anise and orange peel for 45 minutes to obtain a texture that is simply melt in the mouth. It is served with homemade spinach mantou (bun) and refreshing cucumber sticks coated with a crispy walnut, sesame and broad bean sauce.

Souper Tang - Steamed Chicken with Cordyceps Flower and Essence of Chicken

The Steamed chicken with cordyceps flower and essence of chicken 虫草花鸡精蒸园鸡 ($19.90) is a worthy dish comprising free-range chicken, ginger, goji berry and red dates. The pièce de résistance is the addition of Souper Tang’s power-packed bottled chicken essence that helps to improve overall immunity. The broth is robust with a pleasant sweetness from the red dates while a hint of ginger juice warms the tummy. Guests will also enjoy the Claypot Atlantic Codfish with Fish Maw 香煲鱼鳔煨鳕鱼 ($29.90) which is a whole codfish fillet delicately braised in a flavour-rich seafood stock with fish maw, red dates and stalks of leafy nai bai. The resulting dish is nutritious, as it is high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. The Stir fried French beans with pu er 四季普尔香 ($11.90) makes for a great addition to any meal. This humble dish of crunchy beans is elevated by a richly-flavoured topping of braised minced pork and pu er tea.


Souper Tang - Home Braised Pork Belly In Rich Dark Sauce

Other exceptional dishes to expect are the Stewed fish head with ginger and chuan xiong 川芎蒜香鱼头 ($21.90); dace fish is triple-cooked – deep-fried, steamed, then wok-fried in a ginger and herbal mixture until fragrant – resulting in enticingly crisp fish bones, the Souper bean 豆豆家族 ($13.90), which is a high-protein option featuring fried tofu, thick beancurd skin, and knotted beancurd skin all tossed in an umami-filled oyster sauce with conpoy and abalone stock. Equally delectable choices include the Stewed chicken in ginger wine 天麻黄酒鸡 ($18.90), Minced garlic with pork belly slices & black fungus 金兰蒜泥白肉 ($9.90) and the Pan fried eggplant with scallop in X.O. sauce XO 酱干贝茄子 ($11.90).a

Conclude the meal with on a sweet note with a familiar array of Chinese desserts. A must-try here is the homemade Caramel ginger beancurd 焦糖姜汁豆花 ($3.90), so silky that a spoon can glide through it effortlessly. The ginger juice-infused caramel syrup provides a lovely spiced contrast to the milky dessert.


Traditional options like Snow jelly with gingko nuts 雪蚵白果养颜汤 ($8.90) and the Wild honey longan & gingko 野蜜杏桂圆汤 ($4.90) are also the perfect thirst-quenching desserts.

Souper Tang serves its own home brewed drinks such as Souper Tang plum tea 汤师父酸梅茶 ($9.90 per jug), Luo han guo with longan and honey drink 罗汉果龙眼 ($4.90), and Osmanthus red dates tea 桂花红枣 茶 ($4.90 per glass, $9.90 per jug). Hot drinks such as tea and coffee are also available.

Souper Tang also sells its own quality products in a retail corner located within the restaurant. Customers may purchase beautifully packaged itemssuch as pre-packed herbsfor soups, floral teas, bottled essence of chicken and bird’s nest with white fungus,canned seafood such as abalone, clam and topshell, as well as bottled wild honey, honey vinegar and apple vinegar.


Address:176 Orchard Road, Centrepoint, #02-52 & #02-K01,Singapore 238843
Tel:(65) 6737 6772

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