Diamond Kitchen Marks Their Third Year With New Dishes


Diamond Kitchen (钻石小厨) celebrates its third year with the launch of several NEW premium dishes to delight its fans.

The spotlight during this third year celebration falls on a well-thought through list of delectable dishes that showcase the diverse talents of the chefs and their impeccable attention to details. These include Diamond Sauna Treasures, Ba Ba Pomfret, Thai-Style Abalone, Gan Xiang Bee Hoon, Diamond Herbal Chicken and Kong Bak Pau.

From 1st October 2016, all these new dishes will be added to their all-star menu and customers can enjoy 15% off their normal prices till 31 December 2016 to commemorate Diamond Kitchen’s anniversary.


Diamond Sauna Treasures ($188++ / $368++)
(Only available at Diamond Kitchen Science Park Drive)

After their very successful Sauna Prawn dish, Diamond Kitchen has vamped up this popular item with the introduction of a Diamond Sauna Treasures – a steam basket choc-a-bloc with a generous selection of denizens of the deep. The selection includes lobster, snow crabs, red prawns, scallops, mussels, squid and clams. The chef’s expertise at preparing these in a sauna bath ensures the delicate balance of moisture and sweetness in every bite. “Offering a variety of premium items is an important first step but we also took a lot of time to create four homemade dips to complement the food,” says Josh. Each dip has a distinct characteristic, texture and flavour which marries well with the steamed flesh of offerings in the basket.

Hong Kong Steam Sauce – a light mirin style soy sauce perfect for non-chilli eaters
Garlic Chilli Sauce – a chilli dip reminiscence of a chicken rice chilli sauce but with a sweeter nuance
Black Bean Chilli Sauce – a chunky dip with black soya sauce, fermented bean paste, fried garlic and chilli
Gan Xiang Sauce – signature Diamond Kitchen paste made into a sauce with added texture of fried shallots

We absolutely love how the flavours of the broth is infused into the fresh seafood and it was a journey into the vast ocean and back. Give it a go, you’ll love it! Try it first without any sauce and then add the sauce to subsequent pieces. Ohmmmmm seafoood goodness in a giant basket.

Serves 2 – 4 pax $188++
Serves 6 – 8 pax $368++


Ba Ba Pomfret ($38++)
The firm and tasty flesh of a steamed Golden Pomfret is ideal for this robust-flavoured dish which features a piquant tamarind sauce flavoured with the rempah of onions, garlic, chilli and ginger flower. It is naturally sweetened with grated pineapple and each dish has a generous helping of long beans, tomatoes and pineapple slices for extra texture.



Gan Xiang Bee Hoon ($25++ / good for 4)
Gan Xiang inspired seafood dishes have become synonymous with the Diamond Kitchen brand. This fragrant spice paste is made by dry-frying hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimps), curry powder, lemongrass, dried chilli, taucheo (fermented soy bean paste) with other secret ingredients to form a base with which the chefs at Diamond Kitchen use

to create memorable dishes. For this celebration, they have introduced a Gan Xiang Bee Hoon complete with lavish helpings of plump prawns, tender slices pork belly and juicy mussels.


Thai-Style Abalone ($60++)
Tender slices of Australian abalone are marinated in a light Thai Chilli sauce to absorb the sweet spicy hints and served atop a bed of finely julienned cucumber and red onions.


Kong Bak Pau ($18++ / $36++)
Utterly sinful, yet simply luscious, is the best way to describe Diamond Kitchen’s Kong Bak Pau. Thick slabs of pork belly are skillfully braised in premium black sauce seasoned with five-spice, soya sauce, sugar and pepper till fork tender. Several pieces are served in a steamer together with fluffy white steamed buns. Gently slip a slice of pork between the bun before garnishing it with fresh lettuce, crunchy cucumber and a spoonful of chilli sauce for that added zing with each mouthful.


Diamond Herbal Chicken ($38++)
The other end of the spectrum in this anniversary menu line-up comes by way of a wholesome Herbal Chicken dish which features a plump kampong chook steamed in a broth of Solomon’s Seal root (yu zhu), ginseng, angelica root and sweet wolfberries to tender goodness.


Address: 87 Science Park Drive, #01-01 Oasis, Singapore 118260
Contact: (+65) 6464 0410

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