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Beauty trends are always evolving – remember when glossy lips and outrageously shiny eyeshadow were all the hype in the 90’s? Nowadays, many will call it tacky and label it a huge beauty crime. Some make comebacks, like full, thick brows of the 80s that were dropped for thin arches in the 90s, but rose back to fame in the mid-2010s channelling the phrase “brows on fleek”. Then, there’s that select few that simply withstand the test of time. Long, curled eyelashes have been a beauty marker across many cultures for generations, drawing attention to one of the most captivating features – our eyes.

Women go great lengths to achieve them fluttery lashes, going from mascara to false eyelashes on days they need that extra oomph to their look. More recently, advanced techniques that require professional assistance were developed, namely eyelash perming and much raved-about eyelash extensions.



Salons typically offer two styles of eyelash extensions, cluster and single strands. A ‘cluster’ means small bunches of extensions are applied near the eyelid using medical grade glue, while for single strands, individual extensions are applied to each lash for a more natural look. Lash extensions come in a variety of curls and thicknesses, which make them so popular since looks can be customised according to individual preferences.

The question is, how do you know which style of eyelash extensions suits you best? Here’s a quick guide to picking the right lash style for the look you’re going for.


Thinner and softer lashes are used to make your real eyelashes appear longer, with many preferring single strands as they create a more natural look. Some salons offer silk lashes, or even finer strands called ‘Mink lashes’, which are specially designed to suit Asian eyes. Your friends won’t even be able to tell that you have extensions on!


Longer lashes are attached around the centre of the eye, descending in length down the inner and outer corners. This style livens up your eyes and is ideal if you want to make your eyes appear bigger and rounder but play down the drama factor.


Longer lashes are attached near the outer corners of the eyes, while shorter ones are attached to the inner corners. This is commonly known as the ‘cat-eye’ style, which emphasise the width of the eyes for a sexy and sultry look. Many of us favour this style because most falsies are designed to look this way, but bear in mind that you should consult a beautician first to check that the lashes at the outer corner of your eyes are sufficient and strong enough to carry the weight of longer and thicker extensions!


Love drawing as much attention as you can to your eyes? Then thick, voluminous lash extensions are for you. Longer and thicker lashes with a more dramatic curl are used. Cluster lashes are preferred for added volume. As this style can look overwhelming on small eyes, it is recommended for ladies with larger eyes and those wear heavier eye makeup.

Now that you’re more familiar with eyelash extension styles, go get them done with confidence! If you’re wondering where the best salons for eyelash extensions are, here are Vaniday’s top 3 recommendations:



Highbrow is a leading lash and brow specialist with branches located City Hall, Buona Vista and Parkway Parade. On top of cluster and single strand extensions, they also offer an ‘in-between’ of the two styles called ‘Cirrus’ lashes, which are soft, light extensions applied in bunches of 3 to 6 to each lash. A great option for those that want to add length and volume to their lashes, yet not look overly-dramatic!


Enjoy a Lash by Lash + Eye Mask treatment at a promotional price of $55 (U.P. $128) only for the month of November when you book through Vaniday.


Taiwan has long been known for its beauty trends, with beauty-centric variety shows like ‘Lady First’ (女人我最大) that have gained popularity throughout Asia. Good news if you’re a fan – True Eyelash Beauty is the first Taiwanese beauty salon in Singapore specialising in eye treatments, and your most likely bet for catching the latest styles and techniques from Taiwan.


Try out their Taiwan-Style 3D lash extensions + a spa waxing treatment at $88 (U.P. $150) when you book through Vaniday.


This salon is known by many as a great place for nail art, but what’s less known is the fact that they also do amazing eyelash extensions! Mischievous uses high-quality eyelash extensions imported from Korea that will uplift even the most tired of eyes with their dolly looks.



Try out their Korea Cluster Lashes at $63 (U.P. $70), or Korea Single Lashes at $77 (U.P. $85) when you book through Vaniday.

This article is brought to you by Vaniday, Singapore’s favourite one-stop booking app for beauty services from over 850 salons across the island. Get $15 off your first booking with the code METRO15.
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