Abion Infinesse Launches Breakthrough OSK9 Complex Nanomulti-Peptide

ALBION’s cutting-edge biotechnology takes skin rejuvenation to new heights with the newly reformulated Infinesse. Addressing primary factors that lead to skin aging and deterioration, this innovative Infinesse line targets the dermal layer of the skin which loses its firmness, volume, and regeneration ability as we age. Infinesse rapidly and powerfully stimulates dermal tissue proliferation to perfect skin texture for a visibly firmer, lifted and sculpted appearance akin to medical procedures.

Key Active Ingredient: OSK9 Powering the astoundingly high-performance line is ALBION’s exclusive OSK9, a medical grade nanomulti-peptide complex jointly developed with a renowned University Research Organisation in Japan. Consisting of five amino acids(including histidine, arginine, leucine, and lysine), this breakthrough active ingredient has superior permeability and delivers a specialized benefit that surpasses what natural extract actives could ever be achieved. Clinical studies showed that OSK9 holistically promotes rigorous proliferation of fibroblast tissues and powerfully stimulates hyaluronic acid and collagen production, giving the skin a revitalized, healthy resilient density to improve the skin appearance.

Other Active Ingredients Natural extracts are used conjunctively in Infinesse to create an optimum cellular environment for fibroblast regeneration – thus supporting OSK9’s unique ability – to unleash skin’s infinite potential with visible results.

Infinesse is formulated with three key time-tested ingredients: Resveratrol, renowned as a powerful antioxidant, skin-whitening, and anti-inflammatory agent; Rosa Rugosa Flower Extract which Inhibits actions of collagen- and elastin-degrading enzymes; and Royal Jelly Extract, revered for its ability to strengthen capillary walls and boosting healthy blood circulation and cell metabolism. Synergistically, they deliver antioxidants, collagen-elastin dissolution control, as it strengthens blood vessels and boosts cell metabolism – amplifying OSK9’s tissue regenerative actions.

Infinesse: A Holistic Treatment Regime Each Infinesse product is highly intensive with a specific benefit akin to medical procedures prescribed to treat skin clarify, refines it texture, re-volume hollow areas or dramatically lift and tighten the skin appearance. Each Infinesse product also paved for the next, and even amplifies the benefits received, offering a holistic skin revitalization treatment regimen for visibly a firmer, lifted and sculpted skin appearance. Exemplary of Infinesse’s breakthrough technologies is Infinesse Upsurge Solution. Defining a new standard for dermatological care, its superior revitalizing effects strengthens cellular structural components between collagen fibers, muscle tissue, and skin’s basal membrane, giving a dramatically firm, sculpted appearance. The new ALBION Infinesse

treatment range includes:

Eliminate Cleansing Milk, $75 – Electroporation Effect
Deep Force Wash, $63 – CO2 laser Peel Effect
Derma Pump Milk, $117 – Collagen Injection Effect
Derma Pump Lotion, $117 – Collagen Thread Lift Effect
Upsurge Solution, $167 – Stem Cells Injection Effect Rejuvenation
Expansion Cream, $200– Fibroblast Growth Factor Injection effect
Serum Peeling, $100 – Chemical Peel Effect

ALBION Infinesse will be available from 1 Oct 2017 at ALBION, Takashimaya D.S. Level 1, Tel: 6735 8084. ALBION, Metro Centrepoint, Level 1, Tel: 6235 3978

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