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The FM LEAGUE NATIONALS showcases some of the best local athletes every year. With the largest cash prize of over USD$50,000 for their Asia Championship, this was one of the most anticipated event of the year.

Mr. Singapore National Bodybuilding Championship consists of three Men’s Divisions (Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Men’s Junior Bodybuilding, and Men’s Master Bodybuilding). The overall winner of the Men’s Open Bodybuilding class is crowned ‘Mr. Singapore’ and the winner of the Junior Overall Category is crowned ‘Mr. Singapore Junior’.

This year, all eyes are on the new category, Men’s Classic Physique. Who will be the first ever Men’s Classic Physique Champion?

After a grueling fight on stage, check out the brand new winners for each category. Records are broken and a new champion has emerged for the brand new category.

Let’s look at the winners!


Left to Right

Angeline Huang – Women’s Bikini National Champion 2017,
Sasi Zura – Mr. Singapore 2017
Kevin Chiak (Founder & President of FM League),
Danie Dharma – Mr. Singapore Classic 2017,
Darren Wee – Mr. Singapore Physique

34-year-old Sasi Zura (middle) returned from a 1-year hiatus to win the Mr. Singapore 2017 title for the record fourth time. Sasi Zura is a prominent bodybuilding athlete in Singapore. He has won multiple titles and has also competed in the 2010 World Championships (14th place). With more than ten years of training in Physique sports, Sasi Zura continues to give his all and develop his physique further.

And 31-year-old Danie Dharma (middle) won the newly created Mr. Singapore Classic 2017 title in the Men’s Classic Physique Division this year at the event finals.

Next, Darren Wee held on to his Mr. Singapore Physique title for the second year, after storming the stage in 2016. Up against the charismatic and experienced athlete, Kasbani Kasmon who returned after a 1 year and 5 x Junior Physique Champion Ryan Heng, It was a hard fight for the top spot.

Left to Right

Kasbani Kasmon – Kasbani Kasmon has won various titles throughout his journey as a Physique athlete. Some of these titles include Men’s Sports Model Overall Champion, Mr. Physique (2012), Men’s Physique Overall Champion
Darren Wee – 2 x National Champion, Darren Wee for clinching the Mr. Singapore Physique 2017 title in the FM League Nationals 2017.
Ryan Heng – 19-year-old Ryan Heng has made a few achievements by bagging 4 junior class champion titles in Singapore National Physique Sports for 2 consecutive years. This year, he just won his 5th Junior Champion title.

Kevin Chong – Now a three-times Mr. Singapore Junior, Kevin Chong is back to defend his title against his contenders. Coming from a family that encourages him to take part in sports, Kevin has always been active and athletic. His journey in Physique sports, however, was not without setbacks as he suffered from a number of injuries, as well as a slipped disc. Nonetheless, Kevin continues to stand against these challenges and reach greater heights.

Angeline Huang – Big cheers for this feisty lady who dieted for 21 weeks and clinching her title for her first competition! She is now a National Ranked Athlete, No. 1 in the Women’s Bikini Division

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