‘White Truffles – From East To West’ At Min Jiang At One-North And Gordon Grill

Goodwood Park Hotel presents its first ‘White Truffles – From East to West’ promotion at Min Jiang at One-North – the Modern Sichuan and Cantonese restaurant located at 5, Rochester Park and Gordon Grill – specializing in fine Continental cuisine. From 1 to 30 November 2017, Min Jiang at One-North dishes out, for the first time, meticulously-curated Modern Chinese creations infused and enhanced with the unique aroma and earthy flavors of white truffles.

At the same time, Gordon Grill brings back its creative offerings with the season’s most coveted “White Diamond” of the kitchen, flown in from the most recognized region for this luxurious delicacy – Alba, Piedmont, Northern Italy. The dishes are available for lunch and dinner; while guests may also choose to elevate their experience with white truffle shavings, available at $26 per two grams, for complete indulgence.

‘White Truffles – From East to West’ Min Jiang at One-North (岷江在纬壹)
Master Chef Goh Chee Kong brings forth his creative interpretations of this exquisite produce with a delicious menu of Modern Chinese dishes. He combines his expertise in classical cooking techniques with an adventurous streak; complementing and enhancing the flavors with whispers of white truffle oil.

– Steamed White Truffle-infused Quail Egg ‘Siew Mai’, $12 for 3 pieces
– Baked Chicken, Mushroom, and White Truffle Puffs, $12 for 3 pieces
– Steamed White Truffle Rice Roll, $12
– Salad with Bacon and Truffle Oil, $22
– Double Boiled Duck Liver Soup with Wanton served in Whole Yellow Melon, $20
– Black Truffle-Braised Whole African 6-Head Abalone and White Truffle-Infused Stir-Fried
Crabmeat and Egg White, $38
– Stir-Fried Seasonal Vegetables with Truffle Oil and Pine Nuts, $24
– Kurobuta Pork Roll with Golden Mushrooms accompanied with Fried Rice and Fish Roe, $12
– Chilled Noodles with Shredded Abalone and Fried Shrimp with Truffle Oil, $16

Gordon Grill

These limited-edition dishes feature complementary flavors that complete the truffle experience.
– Chilled Pasta with Japanese Seaweed, Caviar and Truffle Vinaigrette, $26
– Hokkaido Scallop, Spinach, Red Pepper and Truffle Foam, $28
– Clam Chowder with Herb Crouton, $16
– Foie Gras Custard Brûlée with Balsamic Jelly and Truffle Cheese Puff Pastry, $26
– Confit Organic Egg with Green Asparagus, Baby Corn and Poultry Essence, $16
– Pesto Risotto with Salmon and Parmesan Cheese, $26
– Creamy Tortellini Carbonara with Spanish Ham, $26

Reservation details:
Min Jiang at One-North, (65) 6774 0122, mj1n@goodwoodparkhotel.com Gordon Grill, (65) 6730 1744, gordon_grill@goodwoodparkhotel.com
or online at www.goodwoodparkhotel.com

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