5 Darkest Netflix Movie You Need To Watch

Netflix changed the way I spend my weekends. Maybe its called growing old(er) but staying home and scrolling through the endless list of movies, it’s quite therapeutic. I’ve put together 5 dark af movies you can binge watch on a weekend if you are a fan of unsettling movies that makes you bite your nails.



Veronica wasn’t produced or acquired by Netflix, it’s not a “Netflix original” The movie directed by Paco Plaza is an Ouija-obsessed ghost story about a young girl named Veronica (Sandra Escacena) who uses the board to conjure some bad spirits with her friends during a solar eclipse.

You can’t blame her as she was merely trying to speak to her dad. I’m sure the “person she spoke to wasn’t her dad.

Naturally, things take a turn for the worse, as Veronica enters some sort of possessed, trance-like state. However, she seems to recover and return home, only to realize that things are not how they used to be.




You know this is going to be a bloody gruesome ride when its a movie about a ravenous flesh-eating teenager.

Director Julia Ducournau manages to pull off a story between two sisters with an appetite for flesh along the way. We love this sexy and weird spin of Cannibalism.




The Invitation jolts you around and has layers of built-in suspense. It’s about a group of friends who meet up for a dinner party two years after a traumatic event lead them on different paths. The result is a typical dinner party conversation.

Yet, something seems off. Something that could end in a gorefest. The film leaves you wondering how everything is going to end and the unsettling feeling you have along the way gnaws you. “What can possibly go wrong?” Well, it can. The ending pays everything off in a surprising but satisfying way.




These two are the only two actors in the film and the film is entirely told from the perspective of Aaron’s camera, creating three perspectives. This film truly lives up to its title, it’s just creepy. It’s not scary in a traditional sense, but it is disturbing.

The film rarely cuts during a scene, allowing an almost unfiltered view of Aaron’s experience. The feeling you get is the first seats on the roller coaster and you may not have a chance to cover your eyes if your hands are not fast enough.




The Void brings back the good old days of horror, with a hint 80s B movie nostalgia.  Daniel, a small town cop rescues some stranded junkie from the side of a road and takes him back to a nearby hospital, which is being slowly vacated due to a fire, in the middle of the night.

The usual setup of characters with the cop, hospital staff, civilians, and few weapon-wielding psychopaths. Throw in a few parasitic monsters and lots of triangles, you get a satisfying combination of unsettling horror and gore.

If you liked the 5 movies above, drop us a note and tell us which is your favourite!

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