Wake Up to 3 Different Cities With Dream Cruises

Planning for a short getaway?
The Metropolitant team shares with you 5 reasons why you should book your next holiday with Genting Dream Cruise.

1) Disconnect
Even with the wifi on board, you will find your connection painfully slow. While the chats works well, you will not be able to binge-watch Instastories or spam memes on Twitter accounts. Ample wifi to stay connected for emergencies but not enough to lie in bed and Netflix was something we had to get used to. The first day was painful for us, but after that, we were busy exploring the huge vessel and enjoying ourselves thoroughly. For more information on the WIFI https://www.dreamcruiseline.com/en-sg/pre-cruise-tips/packing-checklist/wifi-connection/

2) Amazing Meals
Wake up everyday and experience the best Asian and international flavours in both exciting indoor and outdoor venues on Genting Dream and World Dream. Our favourite restaurant has got to be Dream Dining Room Upper restaurant! The amazing soup and dim sum won us over. For the entire list of restaurants, head to this link! https://www.dreamcruiseline.com/en-sg/cruise-experiences/restaurants/

Dining at Dream Dining Room Upper
Breakfast at the Lido

3) Ocean views and sunset
There’s something magical about sunset onboard a cruise. With the wind in your face, sip on a glass of cocktail and watch the sun go down.

4. Daily entertainment
Genting Dream Cruise is a small floating city. They have daily shows in their main theatre, live music acts, a casino, a nightclub, mini-golf, water slides, rock climbing … (the list is endless).

5) Wake up in a different city every day
Head to different cities every day! First was Redang(Malaysia), Sihanoukville(Cambodia) and Pattaya(Thailand). Assembling at the theatre and the process was speedy and orderly. We love the fact that the elderly and children were well taken care of throughout the land tour. They made sure instructions were clear and ample time at each attraction. This allowed us to focus on the journey and not worrying about our safety or getting lost.

Redang – Malaysia
Sihanoukville – Cambodia


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Pattaya Beach – Thailand
A huge thank you to Genting Dream Cruise for hosting our trip.
All opinions, photos, and text are our own.

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