Holistic Wellness Begins With Como Shambhala By My Side

COMO Shambhala, launched a new digital wellness companion, COMO Shambhala By My Side.

COMO Shambhala’s online wellness repository, COMO Shambhala By My Side provides a sanctuary away from the studio for all who are seeking tranquillity and the inspiration to stay active during these uncertain times.

With a deep focus on enhancing your overall health and wellness, it offers a comprehensive range of thoughtful experiences led by a panel of internationally-accredited specialists – in easy-to-follow video tutorials that can be accessed via a smartphone or a laptop, anywhere you are.

The library of content will continually expand to provide a variety of classes in varying difficulty levels so that you can:

  • Deepen your personal practice to strengthen and restore balance
  • Discover the healing power of mindfulness and meditation
  • Delve into new ways to recharge your health and overall well-being

Get unlimited access to all COMO Shambhala By My Side video content for a monthly subscription fee of SGD22. Should you require more in-depth programs for specific needs, you can enjoy exclusive access to one-on-one consultations – charged on a per-session basis – with our nutritionist, naturopath, physiotherapist, and life coach.

Be inspired to embark on your holistic journey with COMO Shambhala By My Side now: www.csue.comoshambhala.com.

About COMO Shambhala

COMO Shambhala is a healthy living philosophy that embodies a deep-rooted approach to wellness with holistic practices, to nurture balance in the body, mind and spirit. Established in 1997, COMO Shambhala is founder Christina Ong’s personal vision of a meaningful wellness experience. It aims to inspire a lifelong commitment to holistic well-being through its integrated wellness concept, carefully designed and helmed by a team of accredited specialists ranging from nutritionists and Ayurvedic doctors, to yoga teachers and therapists. The concept flows through its yoga centres, wellness retreats, healing therapies as well as its own brand of health-giving cuisine, COMO Shambhala Cuisine, and Urban Escapes in London, Miami, Bangkok and Singapore, which are contemporary spaces that offer activity studios and treatment areas for city dwellers to restore, recover and continue their wellness journeys.

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