The fitness industry has been affected by Covid 19 restricting gym capacity while shuttering some entirely. Will the fitness industry ever recover back to its glory days? In this series, we showcase some of the gyms that opened during this pandemic.


Total Transformation Lab – also known as TSquared Lab – is Singapore’s most holistic gym. From expert driven one-on-one personal training, nutritionally balanced meal preparation, recovery therapies, to yoga classes, we weave all aspects of fitness together to deliver total transformation. 

The four pillars are tightly integrated to inform each other and accelerate the physical and mental transformation of the clients. 

With more than 9,000 sqft in space, we’re one of the largest personal-training gyms in Singapore. 

Bedecked with best-of-class equipment and sporting tasteful interior design, TSquared Lab delivers a one-of-a-kind, premium experience for all our clients. 


A holistic approach 

First, we’re a holistic gym. This philosophy and methodology set us apart from 95% of the gyms and fitness centers in Singapore. Having a holistic approach means we take care of our clients in four major areas: strength training, nutrition planning/meal prep, recovery, and mental strength training. 

We are focused on this philosophy as we have realized that the strongest clients in the gym are also disciplined in other areas: they eat healthy, practice yoga and concentration, and go for regular stretching/massage sessions as they understand the limits of their bodies. All these pieces must come together for the clients to transform from the inside out. 

To do so, our trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and yoga instructors – who are taking care of the clients at different checkpoints on their transformation journey, are all aligned on this approach. They talk to each other and share information about the clients. This allows us to constantly tweak and optimize the client’s transformation plan. 

A bespoke fitness program 

This leads to our second unique factor – we are extremely personalised. Here we believe every client is different. They may share common goals, such as weight loss or muscle building, but the roads to achieving their goals can be completely different. 

Different from most commercial gyms, our trainers and instructors consistently and rigorously track the client’s progress, and tweak the client’s exercises, nutrition, and therapy sessions accordingly.  

Client centricity 

Thirdly, we are extremely client-centric. This requires that we align with the clients on their goals. But there’s one crucial distinction – being client-centric doesn’t mean we do whatever the clients want. Instead, based on our knowledge, experience, and understanding of the client’s body, we do everything that is right for them. 

Best in the industry

Lastly, we only hire the best in the industry. Our trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and yoga instructors all have years of experience under their belts. And they continue to expand their knowledge and level up. They are all professionally trained and certified by industry bodies, and enjoy a high reputation in their own fields. 

When a client signs up with us, they know they are getting the crème de la crème in the fitness industry. 


We are targeting clients who hold high standards for their gym and trainers, and are after sustainable, long-term transformation of themselves, physically and mentally. 

These clients shrug off short-term goals. They don’t just want to look and feel good in their 20s or 30s. They also aim to maintain that in their 50s and 60s. 

Our clients believe in true transformation. They’re emotionally and financially committed to gaining absolute control over their lives. 


Our training programs are highly customized to each client, and they consist of multiple pieces that drive towards the end fitness goals. 

Our specialty is in fat loss, body recomposition, muscle build-up, and sustainable transformation. Depending on the client’s needs, we customize programs that are aligned with their body type, the current state of mind, and lifestyle. Self-actualization through fitness is what we offer.


The Total Transformation Lab is my husband’s and my dream ten years in the making. We’re both fitness enthusiasts and share a unique, multi-dimensional philosophy to life-long transformation. Throughout the years, we have been part of many gyms in Singapore but felt something fundamental was missing – the holistic approach to fitness.  

So we created the TSquared Lab to share our secrets and love. We want to offer all the pieces of fitness under one umbrella to our clients, so they can achieve total transformation not just in their body and mind, but also in their life. The gym is not merely a gym, but also a community, where we push our clients to become a better version of themselves and support them every step of the journey. – Afshan Thakkar

Opening hours

7am to 9pm on Monday to Saturday 


991F, Alexandra Road, 119974 

Parking lots available right outside the gym

Accessible by MRT: Circle Line, Labrador Station 

Accessible by bus: 120, 176, 963, 97


8891 8313 

Instagram: @tsquaredlab


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