In celebration of the exquisite golden spirit, The Chambers by Cask, a sanctuary for whisky lovers, joined hands with , an award-winning future culture company, to launch Mighty Cask, bringing together a collective of individuals with the passion and resilience for exceptional experiences.

In celebration of a shared rich heritage and the spirit of craftsmanship, Mighty Cask will be showcasing a special collection of whisky that is creatively crafted, multi-sensory, and reminiscent of great storytelling all at once. Featuring 20-, 22-, and 23-year-old single-malt whiskies in three uniquely sculpted collectible bottles inspired by legendary characters in the Chinese literary classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this new collection aims to bring the rich Scotch whiskies to life through art. Accompanied by a limited drop of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and a miniature series specially made for whisky connoisseurs, Mighty Cask promises to bring collectors and connoisseurs alike on a journey through physical, to digital, and back to physical experiences.

A Celebration of the Golden Spirit

Mighty Cask is a partnership created out of shared admiration for and the understanding of collectibles as an asset class that appreciates in value and meaning over time. Through this marriage of liquid gold and the artistic interpretation of timeless solidarity, the collaboration signifies how deep, authentic, and powerful relationships can spark the boldest and most imaginative breakthroughs.

Built on a narrative of authentic and deep relationships, this first collection by Mighty Cask aims to tell the story of the legendary heroes Guan Yu, Liu Bei, and Zhang Fei, who swore fraternal loyalty to one another, accentuating the value of the whisky, likening it to the rarity of meeting kindred spirits in life, and reminiscent in the design of the three intricately designed collectible bottles encasing the rich Scotch whisky.

Bryan Tan, Chief Strategy Officer at Mighty Jaxx, said, “Good whisky is valued not just for its rich fragrance and complex flavours, but also for its ability to foster camaraderie and spark solidarity. We focused on translating these experiences as an art form, creating a collection of good, finely aged whiskies that tastes and looks great. Additionally, as NFTs grow in popularity amongst a new generation of digital-native collectors, Mighty Cask marks a hallmark collaboration, bringing together different collectibles — whiskies, uniquely designed art bottles, and digital tokens to meet new demands.”

Traversing Between the Physical and Digital Realms in Celebration of the Golden Spirit

The Mighty Cask single-malt whiskies will be available in three specially designed 700ml bottles. The designs were inspired by the personalities of the three generals, each matching the profiles of the curated whiskies.

The design of the bottles, with each of them showcasing the stylised sculpt of the three generals, carrying their iconic weapon of choice in a specific battle stance, were designed in a way where if they were put side by side or stacked on top of each other, forms a full imagery and vividly depicts the three generals in action.

Collectors of Mighty Cask can authenticate their limited-edition bottles on the Mighty Jaxx mobile application and choose to acquire digital versions of the bottle designs in the form of NFTs. Holders of the NFTs will get the chance to purchase a strictly limited miniature series of the Mighty Cask selection in sets of three from today.

The Mighty Cask collection will be made available for purchase at The Chambers by Cask from 23 March 2022, while stocks last. Each set of all three designs will retail at a launch price of $4,888, with standard retail price at $5,888. Starting 23 March 2022, the first 138 customers who authenticate and mint the digital collectible will also be invited to purchase a set of three miniature Mighty Cask for $188.

Mighty Cask Collection

• The collection launches on 23 March 2022, 2PM.

• A set of three 700ml Mighty Cask whisky bottles featuring all three designs retails at a launch price of $4,888

• Collectors will be able to authenticate the Mighty Jaxx bottles via the Mighty Jaxx mobile application.

Mighty Cask NFTs and Miniature Series

• Collectors can also purchase NFTs corresponding to the designs of their Mighty Jaxx bottles.

• Collectors must own the Mighty Cask NFT in their Mighty Jaxx account to purchase the miniature Mighty Jaxx series at $188 per set.

• The miniature Mighty Jaxx series is sold in sets of three 50ml bottles and is limited to one set per NFT owned.

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