A Whole New Tech-Fueled Exercise Gaming has Crash Landed in Singapore: Exergame4D

The Exergame4D is the first all-digital exercise-gaming technology developed by Ascend Fitness Singapore in partnership with KILSA Global. With its flagship gym located in Ascend Fitness at YMCA Orchard it is set to become a game-changer as it enables people to group exercise in an interactive digital setting. Exergame4D is the brainchild of Alfred Sim, the Co-Founder of Ascend Fitness.

Technology advancements have led to many exciting developments in many aspects of our lives that has kept us fascinated and intrigued. Sports is no exception with the popularity of e-sports and e-gamers springing up in numbers. However, sports has also evolved in ways beyond our imagination.
In March 2022, for the first time in Singapore, we are seeing the emergence of a new all-digital exercise-gaming technology we called The Exergame4D.

Proudly marketed by Ascend Fitness Singapore in partnership with KILSA Global, a market entry consultancy that is credited with introducing first of its kind Korean technological development in the sports and wellness spectrum. With its flagship gym located in Ascend Fitness at YMCA Orchard, Exergame4D is set to become a game-changer as it enables people to have group exercise in an interactive digital setting, befitting the healthy lifestyle scene of Singapore.

Exergame4D encourages members to exercise together in a digitalized setting with the fun and excitement it promises. How it works is that up to 10 people could opt for the exercise program that they have set. The exercise begins with the members following the exercise regime and imitating the actions digitalized on the exercise floor. The duration of each exercise, group challenges, and the scoreboard including their profile are digitally displayed on the floor in full view of the member. Some exercise program incorporates fitness equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, and others that promise fun and a heart-pumping adrenalin workout like no other.

What makes Exergame4D so unique lies in its real-time motion capture and extraction technologies comprising of LIDAR (a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges), camera sensor and 2D spatial calibration with noise elimination. This advanced technology enables the platform to be responsive to kinetic movements and delivers feedback to the Exergame4D App in real-time. The App also functions as a progress tracker that records, extracts, and shares the member’s exercise results and calories burnt. It also has the capability to display group rankings as a gamification boost to motivate and excite the member with scorecards of achievements and rewards which is said to set the stage of competitiveness and sportsmanship in every member.

Exergame4D provides a number of programs that have been scientifically developed and tested by fitness experts, and each program is led by certified professional trainers. Available programs include Burning Kcal which aims to burn calories and build muscle through cardio-based and weight training and Super Boost which aims to have the most results with the shortest time and increase maximum strength and endurance limit through high-intensity cardio and weight training with minimum rest time. Other programs in the future such as Yoga Sense, Championship, and a children’s program Grow & Strong are in the works. Exergame4D is truly for everyone with the programs to suit all fitness levels and age groups.

To experience a whole new complete fitness level that Exergame4D has to offer, join and visit Ascend Fitness at YMCA Building Basement 1 at 1 Orchard Road. Ascend Fitness welcomes bookings through walk-ins or through its Exergame4D App. Exergame4D App is available to download from Google Play and App Store. For more information, visit the website www.exergame4d.com.

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