Poly Launches Official Online Stores in Singapore

Poly is making work from wherever a lot easier for Singapore consumers with the official launch of the Poly online store in Singapore, on e-commerce platforms Lazada and Shopee.

As workers and employers in Singapore continue to adapt to a long-term hybrid work model, organizations now more than ever need to deliver a collaborative environment to connect people, spaces, and technology to not just allow for seamless communication both in the office and beyond, but also to deliver a more seamless and equitable work and meeting experiences, wherever business happens.

The new Poly online store will enable consumers easy access to an extensive selection of Poly’s professional-grade unified communications and collaborations solutions, including the Voyager family of wireless headsets, the Blackwire family of wired USB headsets, the Studio P family of personal video bars and web cameras, as well as the Sync family of USB/Bluetooth speakerphones, which also includes the new Sync 10 all-in-one USB speakerphone for home offices.

About the Poly Sync 10

Turn any home office workspace into a conference room. The easy-to-use, all-in-one Poly Sync 10 USB speakerphone delivers high-quality audio for both professional and personal use. Perfect for both voice and music, its two-microphone steerable array reduces surrounding noise. And with clear, understandable touch controls and LED indicators, expect foolproof conference calls. Simply plug-and-play—your choice of USB-A and USB-C connection powers it. Resistant to water and dust, it’s even certified for seamless use with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


For more information on Poly’s range of premium audio and video products available online, please visit the Poly official stores on Lazada and on Shopee.

For more information visit www.Poly.com.

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