Set in an iconic heritage shophouse along buzzy Gemmill Lane, relive and celebrate Singapore’s diverse cultural heritage at The Kongsee with an adventure through gastronomic nostalgia crafted by Chef-Partner Willin Low, widely recognised as the Father of Modern Singaporean cuisine. Paired with locally-inspired libations, The Kongsee is the perfect destination that brings people together to trade Singapore’s best stories over delicious food and drinks.

“With its dual meaning inspired by both the Hokkien word for “company” (“公司”) and the Malay word for “sharing” (“kongsi”), it is our hope that The Kongsee will be a welcoming space that connects people with the delicious melting pot of different cultures and communities in modern Singapore through our food, drinks and convivial hospitality,” shares Chef-Partner Willin Low.

As diners step into its sultry underground interiors, the space of The Kongsee transports guests upon arrival into an era of Singapore lore where old-school reminiscence meets modern Singapore comforts, providing for an elevated dining experience. One’s senses embark on an adventure at The Kongsee. From elements that evoke nostalgia such as Peranakan-tiled tables and HDB-gate railings to dozens of red paper aeroplanes peppering the ceiling, signifying an ode to travel and bringing to mind the notion of “home” through an invitation to discover Singapore ‘The Kongsee’ way.

Unmissable vibrant graffiti art by award-winning street artist Zero adorns the walls and envelopes the space with an urban soul, showcasing culturally-rich stories. Hear about Amelia, a proud local Peranakan, and Aalyiah, a Singaporean of Malay and Sri Lankan roots, who are the living inspirations behind the two stunningly vivid murals which shine as picturesque representations of The Kongsee’s commitment to cultural diversity through sharing of stories.

A Bold Reimagination Of Cocktails With Local Inspirations & Craft Beers

Harking back to local heritage yet leaning forward to tell the story of modern Singapore, the cocktail menu at The Kongsee revolves around bold reimaginations of classic cocktails with a hearty dollop of local inspirations and flavours. Ingredients are sourced from the Little Red Dot wherever possible —- and none more so than the Kopi O Su Dai Negroni ($21++), which is a homemade Negroni infused with kopi beans sourced from a coffeeshop down the street (yes, literally from Telok Ayer Food Market) and served with a tangy citrus lollipop. Of note too, is The Kongsee ($19++), incorporating homemade rose cordial made from an infusion of rose buds with calamansi and lime juice, paired with a dash of local spirit brand Tanglin Orchid Gin. The Mango Mai Kub Ban ($20++) is a tribute to the Thai community here, which repurposes the ingredients of the famous Thai mango sticky rice dessert into a vibrant cocktail, that is as beautiful as it is delicious.

Address: 10 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069251


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