Tim Ho Wan Presents Hong Kong Baked Rice Series — Cheesy Goodness in Every Bite

Tim Ho Wan is proud to announce the launch of its new Hong Kong Baked Rice Series! The series comes with three lip-smacking mainstays. Each of the offerings is blanketed with three kinds of cheese for the fragrant umami flavour.  

All three baked rice offerings include ingredients such as capsicums, cherry tomatoes and onion. The Lobster & Shrimp Baked Rice in White Sauce ($16.80)showcases wild Canadian lobster with crunchy shrimp for the saltish-sweet crustacean flavour. Paired with creamy smooth white sauce which contributes a delightful savoury punch. 

The Pork Chop Baked Rice in Tomato Sauce ($14.80) will be a hit amongst kids and adults alike. It is sweet and tangy, thanks to the tomato sauce. The pork chop is first deep-fried to golden perfection before being laid on a bed of rice. Finally, indulge in the Chicken Baked Rice in Curry Sauce ($14.80), which comes with a generous amount of succulent and juicy chicken chunks. Packing a mild kick, the curry sauce is made with a blend of Asian spices.

The new Hong Kong Baked Rice Series will be available from 17 May 2022, across all restaurants. Till 18 July 2022, collect 1 stamp with every order of a baked rice offering. Collect 5 stamps and get a freePork Chop Baked Rice in Tomato Sauce or Chicken Baked Rice in Curry Sauce on the next visit.

Besides the baked rice offerings, Tim Ho Wan will also be introducing its new upsized Egg Tarts ($5.30). The newer iteration is bigger in size and creamier in taste. The intense flavour of the egg custard is owed to the use of premium-grade eggs. The egg custard is then piped onto a crumbly and buttery base and baked to golden perfection. Each serving comes with two big egg tarts.

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