Aroma Truffle launches Singapore’s First Truffle Gelato topped with sliced Black Summer Truffles air-flown from Italy

Truffle Gelato with sliced Black Summer Truffle from Spoleto, Italy

Aroma Truffle now offers flavourful Truffle Gelato that uses air-flown sliced Italian truffles – another first for this reputable truffle snack company. Building on Singapore’s favourite truffle chips, Aroma Truffle has created a dessert that brings a luxurious indulgence that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. Topped with seasonal Black Summer Truffle slices (for this summer season) from their Spoleto farm, this delicately sweet and savoury gourmet gelato is made fresh locally with all-natural ingredients and without any preservatives.

This indulgent treat is perfect for Singapore’s sunny weather and is now available exclusively in Singapore through Aroma Truffle’s retail outlets and online stores. Indulge in one of these tubs (500g), priced at SGD $28.00 each.

Spoleto is a picturesque medieval town in Umbria, Italy. The region is also well-known for its hearty cuisine, traditional handicrafts, and long-standing viniculture. It is amongst these cherished Italian traditions of fine cuisine, art and culture that the truffles of Spoleto can be found in the untouched forests that surround the town. The cold and fresh air, combined with the small town’s relatively high humidity, makes it ideal for truffle harvesting and providing high-quality truffles for all seasons. Due to the rarity of the seasonal Italian truffles, the first launch has limited availability of only 50 tubs per day.

Different Truffles for Different Seasons

With each truffle season yielding distinctive flavours, each seasonal batch of Aroma Truffle’s gelato will see different types of truffles and have subtle differences in taste. Aside from Black Summer Truffles (in season from April August), there are other types of truffles such as Black Winter Truffles (in season from January – March) and White Truffles (in season from September – December).

The Black Winter Truffle is distinguished by its dark and robustly veined flesh, which has the most intense flavour and aroma out of any of the black truffles. On the other hand, The White Truffle, has a particularly complex and pronounced flavour with earthy notes of garlic, honey, and the forest floor.

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Retail Stores

  1. Jewel Changi Airport – 78 Airport Boulevard, #02-219, Singapore 819666
  2. Chinatown Point – 133 New Bridge Road, #01-20, Singapore 059413

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