Unagi & Beef Specialty Dishes has Arrived at SUN with MOON

Stay cool all Summer long the Japanese way at SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Café. Enjoy all things unagi and beef with unagi’s fortifying properties in staving off heat exhaustion, while beefing up for a protein boost! Dig into the well-loved kamameshi topped with mouth-watering grilled eel, fuel up with succulent steak and many more! Available exclusively from 9 June 2022 to mid-August 2022. 

The latest 2022 Unagi & Beef Summer Menu is specially prepared by Executive Chef Mr. Toshio Sawai. Chef Sawai’s illustrious culinary career had its beginnings in Kitcho, one of the most luxurious and reputable Japanese restaurants in Japan in 1983. After 7 years in Kitcho, Chef Sawai served as Sous Chef at Restaurant Suntory Singapore in Delphi Orchard, as well as Nadaman Restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel. Mr Sawai returned to the Restaurant Suntory Group in 2000 to take on the full responsibility as Executive Chief Chef at Restaurant Suntory in Hotel InterContinental. Chef Sawai then took on the role of Executive Chef at SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Café. 

The 2022 Summer Menu launch features a line-up of unagi and beef speciality dishes, such as

  • Unagi Genpei Yaki ($15.80)

Unagi two ways! Enjoy one half that is lightly seasoned and glaze-grilled, while the other is brushed with a sweet soy sauce and grilled until crisp on the outside while remaining soft and tender on the inside. Garnished with steamed Japanese sweet potato slices. 

  • Shiroyaki Unagi Sando Sushi ($5.80)

A bite-sized treat of grilled eel and hand-rolled sushi rice enveloped within a crisp sheet of seaweed – wrap, eat and enjoy! 

  • Unagi Maki Tamago ($9.80)

Egg and unagi lovers will not want to miss this! Savoury pan-fried Japanese egg roll with a delightful center of tender grilled eel between layers of fluffy egg – simply delightful! 

  • Gyu Suji Miso Nikomi ($14.80)

A soul food for Kansai people, enjoy this bubbling, hearty stew of beef tendons, chewy konjac and soft tofu in a rich miso sauce served on a hotplate. An incredibly flavourful dish that is well-loved for its luxurious textures and health benefits.

  • Gyu Misuji Steak & Bone Marrow ($25.80)

Grilled Australian blade steak known for its rich and beefy flavour accompanied with melt-in-the-mouth bone marrow topped with a generous amount of minced garlic. 

  • Unagi Shiroyaki Butter Shoyu Kamameshi ($27.80)

A quintessential SUN signature of seasoned rice topped with grilled eel in butter soy sauce. Served in a traditional metal pot, this electrifying dish is not only hearty and nutritious but makes for an exceptional blank canvas for a variety of toppings from everyday staples to luxe specialities. 

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