The movement toward fresh-faced beauty and minimal makeup has intensified throughout the years, with 2022 shaping up to be the year of natural skin. Taking over from where Skinimalism left off, we’re seeing a continuation of that with skincare taking a lead role in beauty trends this year.

The Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence does just that with its dual-acting formula consisting of Clear Active Essence and Lipidic Oil Essence to gently exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin and also deeply nourish & hydrate the skin. Think of the Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence as a primer for your skincare. It helps with better absorption of products applied afterward, helping the rest of the skincare routine work better, all while providing unique & targeted benefits to visibly improve uneven skin texture & tone while minimizing the appearance of pores. Use the Clarifique Dual Essence in combination with Advanced Génifique Serum to #WakeUptoClearSkin.

Just one bottle for dual efficacy. Skin is softer, hydrated and fresher immediately after application. In one week 1 :

● 84% see clearer skin

● 82% see less visible pores

● 75% see more even skin tone

tep into the future of skin’s clarity with the Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence. The essence  works to exfoliate & nourish the skin with its dual-acting formula made of:

• Clear Active Essence: Infused with Organic Beech Bud Extract, Glycolic Acid, and Salicylic Acid to gently exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin.

• Lipidic Oil Essence: Infused with Grapeseed & Sunflower Seed Oil, rich in omega-6 fatty acids that help to nourish & hydrate the skin.

Achieve ultimate skin gentle exfoliation by eliminating dead cells charged with melanin, and ultimate skin clarity by accelerating the epidermal cell renewal. With just one shake, its unique bi-phase formula is activated for strong results such as clearer skin, brighter skin tone, and less visible pores.


Concentrated with a precise blend of Glycolic Acid, French Beech Bud extract and enzyme science. The formula exfoliates skin’s surface layers and accelerates skin renewal to visibly brighten & refine skin’s texture

Women see strong results:

  • After 1 week, skin is clearer for 87% of women.
  • After 1 month, skin tone is brighter for 88% of women.

Clarifique Dual Essence’s formula is based on 6 exclusive patents and 30 years of enzyme research. It’s patented until 2031 and enriched with an iconic ingredient: the French Beech Bud. This precious vegetal pearl is sustainably hand-harvested once a year at a very precise moment, right before the bud becomes a flower. It is then transformed by Green Tech into a potent active.

The French Beech Bud, an active key ingredient, helps to hydrate, gently exfoliates and brightens the skin. In addition, as the enzymes on our skin support four factors of skin clarity – cell regeneration, hydration, natural elimination of dead skin cells and evening of the skin tone, Lancôme’s Clarifique Dual Essence’s Enzyme Science boosts the natural skin enzymes, exfoliating the skin from within, thus reducing pore size and giving skin clarity.

A pioneering, bi-phase formula, Clarifique Dual Essence is a fusion of two essences, combined in a unique 97/3 ratio; the optimum combination for a watery refining essence formulated without surfactant, yet providing comfort and hydration to the skin:

  • 3% Bi-phase essence with grapeseed oil boosts skin hydration and provides immediate comfort
  • 97% Clear essence with French beech bud extract activates skin enzyme activity to clarify skin

It features an exclusive patented whisk inspired by the beech bud shape, that was specifically designed by Lancôme to blend the 2 distinct phases. When the bottle with the whisk inserted is shaken, the whisk helps to blend both phases better and faster, generating thousands of fresh micro-bubbles, ensuring a perfect sensation.


Unleashing the power of enzyme science, Clarifique Dual Essence trailblazes a revolution in ultimate skin clarity with a multidimensional approach to improve skin texture and tone. Enzyme science meets a unique bi-phase with a whisk and mix bottle. Introducing a powerful essence as an essential new beauty gesture, it delivers refined, brighter skin.

Enzymes are biological accelerators. They can speed up biochemical reactions by providing alternative pathways, thereby consuming less energy. They are the perfect example of sustainability in that they are recyclable. They are also able to participate in specific reactions without undergoing change. Their ability to act at an optimal level depends on several factors, such as temperature, hydration levels, pH, concentration of the enzyme and its target, and the presence of cofactors or inhibitors. 

What if the future of skin clarity lies within enzyme science?

In the skin, epidermal enzymes regulate 4 biological functions involved in skin clarity:

●  Pigmentation / Tone management – enzymes are involved in melanin synthesis and its

transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes.

●  Proliferation & differentiation of keratinocytes (main epidermal cell type)–enzymes help

epidermal regeneration, for a stronger epidermis and improved skin protection and


●  Hydration – enzymes unlock the diverse capabilities of filaggrin, supporting its

transformation into natural moisturizing factors (called NMF). This leads to more

transparent, plumper, healthier-looking and radiant skin.

●  Desquamation–enzymes ensure the elimination of corneocytes, or dead cells charged with melanin. This contributes to a smoother skin surface with optimal light reflection, even skin tone and clarity.

The inherent link between enzymes and skin quality has driven our research to spend 30 years studying it, leading to the discovery of new epidermal enzymes, producing 13 patents and 113 international publications. This expertise culminated in the formulation of Clarifique Refining Enzymatic Dual Essence, a new gesture to leave skin brighter, more refined, hydrated and flawless in just 4 weeks.


The Clarifique Dual Essence is a new gesture to integrate into your beauty routine. Shake and apply twice a day, once every morning and evening, after cleansing and before your serum.

  1. Shake the product well to get the perfect combination of formula
  2. Pour a few drops into the palm of your hand
  3. Gently apply onto face and neck

Priced at $150 (150ml) and $208 (250ml), the Clarifique Dual Essence is available at, all Lancôme counters, Sephora and Lancôme’s Flagship store on Lazada.

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