Modern European restaurant Caviar is delighted to welcome onboard Head Chef Denis Jacques Lartigue, an established French culinary veteran who has honed his skills and accumulated a wealth of experience over a career spanning over 40 years.

Together with up-and-coming local Sous Chef Joshua Hariharan, the pair are pleased to unveil their first collaboration – a scintillating five-course Gifts of Summer Menu ($228) showcasing the season’s choicest ingredients and flavours, for a limited time only from 18 July to 30 September 2022.

A newly curated Signatures A La Carte menu that includes perennial favourite dishes from Caviar’s past and present repertoire provide more options for guests.


With knowledge and culinary prowess garnered from their vast and varied careers, Head Chef Denis Jacques Lartigue and Sous Chef Joshua Hariharan hope to bring to the table their unique vision and interpretation of modern European cuisine – inventive and multi-faceted creations masterfully executed by both chefs and the team.

Having worked at and helmed notable establishments around the world as Executive Chef, he was most recently Assistant Vice President of food production at Dnata Flight Catering Singapore where he created menus for first-class passengers of top airlines. Chef Denis has returned to his first love and passion for creative culinary endeavours in the kitchen with Caviar after years of overseeing sizeable brigades.

With extensive experience from stints at numerous remarkable local establishments including Salted and Hung, LeVeL 33 and Cure, Chef Joshua is most adept at the grill. His progressive approach showcases his penchant for rich, layered and beautiful dishes as showcased on the stellar plates at the restaurant.


Inspired by the fresh seasonal produce and harvest from Japan and Europe, Caviar’s Summer menu shines the spotlight on stellar ingredients that are highlighted in a series of exquisite courses.

Five-Course Summer Menu, $228

Simply befitting the warm weather is chilled Obsiblue Prawn – this prized shellfish from France is coveted for its meatiness and sweetness. First minced then combined with banana shallots and pickled apples, the prawn mixture is rolled within creamy avocado slices and finished with a rich prawn cream and a nutty Polanco Siberian Grand Cru caviar. A piquant and refreshing house-made chilli and mango kombucha sauce is the perfect foil for this rich and creamy dish.

A bowl of comfort, Sakoshi Bay Oyster is a nourishing cream of braised potatoes in aromatic kombu (kelp) and chicken stock, with sea asparagus from France and a succulent Hyogo oyster. Anointed with delicate Giaveri White Sturgeon caviar, this dish is sprinkled with the zest of house-cured salted lemon, which imparts a beautiful perfume.

Engawa presents a perfectly-seared roulade of glistening flounder fin from Japan adorned with an ambrosial bafun uni custard, delicate and tangy homemade verjus tuile and a spoonful of an intensely flavoured Kaluga Cross Breed caviar in a moat of chowder rendered from a clam broth and apple cider reduction.

A showstopper course, the roasted Hokkaido A4 Wagyu is cloaked in a decadent bone marrow crust and broiled. Served with roasted purple cauliflower glazed and a robust beef garum – a fermented sauce made from beef trimmings, the buttery-fleshed meat is paired with a roasted whole banana shallot stuffed with a beef mousse and picked mustard seeds.

The sweet finale comes in the form of a Yuzu meringue and sorbet with a refreshing chia seed jelly, and starfruit tinged with a little red chilli heat. The concluding Petit Four is a splendid trio featuring hand-crafted dark chocolate bonbon with zesty passionfruit filling; tangy dehydrated rhubarb slices; and home-made marshmallows juxtaposed with French Caviar de Neuvic.

Three-Course Lunch Menu, $68

The restaurant has also launched a new Three-Course Set Lunch; an excellent choice for a quality lunch experience.

The courses include pristine Hokkaido Scallop with Polanco Siberian Grand Cru caviar, apple and dill; a choice of tender Prime Shortribs served with smooth cauliflower puree, umami shimeji mushrooms and shallot, or succulent Turbot with miso pil pil, confit leek and marinated trout roe; as well as a tropical Coconut dessert.

Location: 390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance #B1-06-07, Singapore 238871

Reservation: 9888 1217

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