Japanese Fruit – The Ultimate Gift

The Japan Fruit and Vegetable Export Council (J-FEC), in cooperation with the Japan Food Products Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO), held an event with Michelle Chong who is a popular actress, director and producer as a guest speaker to promote the unmatched quality and taste of Japanese fruits, and to introduce the idea that Japanese fruits are not only good for daily consumption but also as a perfect gift for loved ones.

“The reason why the taste, quality, safety and security of Japanese fruits are highly appreciated around the world is because of the artisanship of the producers who care them, and they are ideal as gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones. It is first time to organize such event in Singapore. I hope that everyone who attends this event will enjoy the wonderful taste of Japanese fruits and share the stories with their consumers!”

Mr. Yoshihisa Hishinuma, Chairman of J-FEC

Ms Michelle Chong mentioned the four characteristics of six Japanese fruits (apples, grapes, peaches, citrus fruits, strawberries, persimmons, and processed persimmons)

1) good appearance

2) good taste

3) abundant varieties and items

4) originality through the development of new varieties and improved breeding).

She also emphasized the “artisanship” of the Japanese producers, giving specific examples. The talk show was a delightful reminder that Japanese fruits make the perfect gift and souvenir.

In the talk session, “Japan-grown Fruit label,” a unified brand mark that identifies Japanese produce, as well as the key visual for this promotion were introduced. Ms Michelle commented that the shine muscats were extremely beautiful in appearance, with a great aroma and taste that lingered on the tongue. She also said that the kyoho grapes were juicy, sweet and tasty. Michelle was impressed that the sizes of the grapes were uniform. She added that the peaches were amazing and had just the right texture, with the complex interplay of flavours well-balanced.

“I think that anyone who receives such wonderful fruits as a gift will be very happy, and the gift will show that the giver cares about the recipient very much. I have had the experience of giving Japanese fruits to many loved ones, and they have been delighted receiving them. I highly recommend everyone to give Japanese fruits as a gift for both casual and special occasions.”

Ms. Michelle Chong

The “Japan-grown Fruit label ” is a brand mark established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a unified brand mark for exports of Japanese fruit so that overseas buyers and consumers can identify high-quality Japanese products in overseas markets.

“Japanese fruits are the ideal luxury gift” – The key visual hopes to portray this by showcasing a
traditional Japanese pattern with a motif of six signature fruits. A woven fabric design is added in
parallel to the fruits, depicting the luxurious fruits being carefully wrapped as a premium gift.

This marks the beginning of sales promotion in local retail stores where Japanese fruits are sold. In addition, a variety of content, including videos highlighting the artisanship of Japanese fruit producers, will be released on the campaign website and through social media.

■Official Website https://japanese-fruit.jp/singapore/

■Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/japanesefruits_sg/

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