Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with Ya Ge 雅阁

Savour Ya Ge’s exquisite seasonal menus and gourmet takeaways in the new year. The culinary team presents a treasure trove of refined contemporary Chinese dishes that are inspired by the cultural heritage of Lunar New Year traditions.

Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yusheng with a choice of Abalone or Crispy Fish Skin

Celebrate the time-honoured tradition of tossing to wealth and abundance with Ya Ge’s Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng which comes with either Abalone or Crispy Fish Skin; each portion is crowned with a bevy of bunny puddings made of mango and milk. The lineup of ingredients is an auspiciously stellar cast consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables such as julienned strawberries, jackfruit, carrots, lotus roots, radish and adorned with edible flowers. In keeping with the refreshing quality of this wholesome, fruit-forward salad, Ya Ge has created an antioxidant-rich roselle and hawthorn dressing that will provide a delicious tang to each bite.

Ya Ge Fortune Pot (Pen Cai)

Southern Song specialty pen cai takes on luxe proportions in Ya Ge’s rendition in the Year of the Rabbit. The masterfully-crafted dish is brimming with over 18 premium ingredients featuring the likes of 10-head abalone, fish maw, conpoy, sea cucumber, pork trotters braised in a gravy reduced from abalones. Surprise your palate as you journey through the many layers of ingredients in this collagen bomb.

Double-boiled Pork Rib Soup with Starfruit & Winter Wheat Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Morel Mushrooms, Dendrobium Stem, Conpoy, Fresh Chinese Yam and Wolfberries

Ya Ge was inspired to concoct two, slow-cooked double-boiled soups steeped in nutrition and flavour. The former is where pork ribs find matrimonial bliss with starfruits and winter wheat in a soup with clean, complex flavours. The latter, on the other hand, combines the qualities of ingredients such as chicken, morel mushrooms, dendrobium stems to yield a delicious soup that will feel like a warm hug.

Steamed Fragrant Lotus Leaves Chicken with Pork Belly, Assorted Mushrooms, Chestnuts, Red Dates and Wolfberries

Ya Ge’s new culinary creation is a chicken loaded up with a quartet of mushrooms – morel, honshimeiji, shiitake and himematsutake – pork belly, cloud fungus, chestnuts and more. Wrapped in lotus leaves, the fowl is encased in a salt dome and then oven baked. The beauty of this moreish specialty is that the ingredients gel harmoniously together in an abalone sauce flavoured with chicken, amongst other secret elements the chef is too shy to disclose.

Steamed Lotus Leaves Rice with Smoked Duck and Abalone Sauce

Ya Ge has pulled out all the stops to deliver a grand gourmet affair and it is fitting to end the meal on an auspicious note with this understated gem of a dish. Ingredients such as diced chicken and smoked duck are sauteed separately before everything comes together in a big fry, doused in abalone sauce; the finishing touch is fifteen minutes’ of steaming which imparts the lotus leaves’ scent into the dish.

Festive Menus – Dine In

Spring is in the hare! Ya Ge invites guests to attend heart-warming family reunions and indulge in specially-curated 6- and 8-course menus at $78++ per person and $398++ for 5 persons respectively. Our lavish Opulence Set Menu (8-course) and New Beginnings Set Menu (6-course) are specially designed for bigger groups of 10 persons and above; guests may also opt to dine in the comfort of one of 2 new private dining rooms. Vegetarians are catered for with our 6-course menus at $48++ per person.

Each set menu comes with Chinese tea, a pair of Mandarin oranges and a deck of hongbaos per table. For guests enjoying either the Opulence or New Beginnings set menu, they will receive a complimentary bottle of either red or white wine per table. Ya Ge’s hongbaos come in the signature celadon colour this year, complemented by flowers and kois in auspicious touches of orange and red.

Kickstart the celebratory meals starting from 12 December 2022 until 5 February 2023.

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