Smooder Introduces Nespresso-Like Smoothie Machine and Subscription Service in Singapore

Smooder’s innovative machine and Individual Quantity Freezing technology make fresh, nutrient-rich smoothies more accessible than ever for busy professionals.

Singapore’s first-of-its-kind smoothie machine and subscription service, Smooder, is revolutionizing the way professionals access their daily dose of vitamins. Developed by a local food tech brand, the innovative device provides a quick and convenient way to enjoy 100% of fruits’ and vegetables’ nutrients in just 60 seconds – without leaving the office.

Created in partnership with The Innovation Factory @ SIMTech, a collaboration between A*STAR and Enterprise Singapore, Smooder’s smoothie machine is designed with busy professionals in mind. The machine employs Individual Quantity Freezing (IQF) technology to maximize the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables, while extending their shelf life to up to six months.

Smooder offers a wide variety of flavours, and its machines come with blend-in-cup and self-cleaning technology, eliminating the need for preparation or cleaning. The smoothie subscription service is already garnering attention from local companies across the tech, biomedical, banking, and finance industries. Nearly 20 firms plan to incorporate Smooder machines into their office pantries ahead of the April 2023 launch.

Having recently secured S$200,000 in funding to drive engineering and development efforts, Smooder is on track to raise an additional S$250,000 to develop an upgraded, smarter machine for office pantries.

About Smooder: Smooder is a health and wellness company specializing in providing healthy frozen fruit and vegetable cups to corporate clients. Utilizing their proprietary automated and self-cleaning Smooder machine, they blend 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar into smoothies. Smooder aims to empower and kickstart healthy habits, one cup at a time.

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